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Manage Holiday Stress

Hi Folks,

Just some quick tips to help those facing a crazy busy holiday season that I’ve used to handle my busy consultant service, helping my wife with her business start-up,  and on top of that, meeting my goals for a Awesome finish to 2013 and Super Kick-Start to 2014.

Gee, after reading that you’d think I would be as my granddad use to say….Busier than a one-arm paper hanger!

Instead, enjoyed a morning workout that energized me for the day….not just for me, but to help others attain their goals. For as we help others, we ultimately are also helping ourselves achieve as well.


Now for some tips to manage that holiday stress – Anytime ~

It’s the 4-7-8 relaxation breathing sequence. I learned the 4-7-8 breathing practice from the writings of Drs. Andrew Weil and Tierona Low Dog. The technique shifts the autonomic nervous system away from the sympathetic predominance (which makes our hearts race and our palms sweaty when we face a stressful situation) and allows the parasympathetic nervous system to shine.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Sit up straight in a chair.
  2. Place the tip of your tongue up against the roof of your mouth. Keep it there through the entire breathing process.
  3. Breathe in silently through your nose to the slow count of 4.
  4. Hold your breath to the count of 7.
  5. Exhale through your mouth to the count of 8, making a slight audible sound.
  6. Repeat the 4-7-8 cycle another three times, for a total of fourbreathing exercises.

Does breathing really work to train our nervous system to find a calm place from which we can manage life more successfully?

Thousands of years of practice in many religious traditions say that it does. Recent scientific studies also confirm the benefits. For example, subjects taught to breathe slowly and deeply as a mind-body practice show beneficial changes in the autonomic nervous system favoring parasympathetic relaxation, document changes increases in skin temperature from better artery flow, and reveal reductions inblood pressure compared to control subjects. If you have children or teenagers, www.gozen.com has a terrific teaching video on the 4-7-8 breathing exercise that may be useful to share with them.

Anyone can benefit from this important tool. Svatmarama wrote in the Hatha Yoga Prakipika that “when the breath is calmed the mind too will be still, and the yogi achieves long life. Therefore, one should learn to control the breath”. This ancient wisdom still rings true today.

Here’s to enjoying a Happier lower stress Holiday Boundryless Season with those we care about the most in our Life !!



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