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Impress your friends with Artfully Scrolling ~

 The Art of Scrolling

Today folks about the Best Physiques Ever?

If you look at the history of the Iron Game and Physical Culture, you know that some of the greatest physiques ever developed were back in the time of the Oldtime Strongmen.

Guys like Eugen Sandow had big, bulging biceps and wide torsos, but they also had extremely narrow waists, the picture of perfection when it came to physique.

eugen snadow

One of the ways that these strongman greats developed the kind of chiseled look and sinewy muscle that looked like it was forged from iron was by Bending Steel.

Yes, they would take big, long steel bars and bend them over and over until they resembled giant steel paper clips, clover leafs, and Christian fish.



Double Loop Fish Bent by Jedd Johnson

This kind of training involves a great deal of high intensity pushing and pulling, so the body gets worked in a variety of directions with just one bar bend.

Also, completing bends like these requires a great deal of sustained isometric and near-isometric contractions, so the muscles’ fatigue factor is often equal to a complete hour-long workout, although it might only take 10 minutes to bend a steel bar.

My friend, Jedd Johnson, is an expert when it comes to bending steel. Aside from conventional muscle building and strength training workouts, Jedd enjoys dabbling in steel bending.

Look at some of the things he has bent:

– 60-penny nails

– Frying pans

– 8″ Adjustable Wrenches

– Horseshoes

  • 10-foot long steel bars.

                                        Here’s a picture of Jedd doing what is called Scrolling.

Jedd scrolling__doublelop2

Jedd scrolling__doublelop2

Jedd just released a very cool instructional DVD called The Art of Scrolling Steel

This DVD shows you exactly how you can take big, long steel bars and coil them up into various awesome designs.

Jedd and his friend Bud, actually bent 6 different steel sculptures when they put this DVD together and they donated them all to a benefit that was held for the daughter of one of Jedd’s High School Classmates who has a very serious type of brain cancer, and they were a big hit!

If you are looking for a new way to challenge yourself, Steel Scrolling could be exactly what you are looking for.

You can experience the feeling of steel giving way to your might.

Doesn’t that sound cool?

Plus aside from bending steel into cool shapes, you can forge a body that looks like a modern-day Eugen Sandow, stacked with muscle from head to toe.

Click here to find out more.

Signing off,

Boundryless Living & Scrolling, Bill

P.S. Jedd just released this product today, so the price is ultra low right now, plus if you live overseas, you can pick up the digital copy and you won’t have to worry about shipping costs, customs charges or having to wait for the snail mail to arrive.

Check out The Art of Scrolling Steel here today !


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