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Maximize your Fitness

Somanabolic Fitness !

Somanabolic Fitness !

Hi folks,

Hope all of you are enjoying a safe and healthy winter.

Well, if you are like most people, you’re thinking ….

Wow, it’s March already….Spring is on it’s way….

and soon to follow …

SUMMER – beaches, swimming, outdoors – Yeah !!

What’s not to like about summer.

But …

Will you be ready …

I mean, will you feel comfortable taking off that shirt,
wearing that bathing suit, guys, gals….. be honest.

Somanabolic is for women too !

Somanabolic is for women too !

If like most people, we’ve probably indulged a little over the holidays and winter 😉

However, don’t worry. For a great guy by the name of Kyle Leon, has found a good way to match the natural type of your body, to help you get fit and ready for summer.

It’s called “The Muscle Maximizer“, and is state of art nutritional software created qualified nutrition expert and fitness trainer Kyle Leon.

To learn more about this plan you can customize to meet YOUR goals, just click here now !
This program gains its edge because unlike many nutrition programs out there its in no way a one size fits all. The software requires a host of personal information, e.g metabolism type, height, age and weight to calculate your optimal diet to gain maximum muscle without any fat.

Muscle Maximizer Software at a glance:

3 Custom nutritional meal plans
Everyday you have three meal plans to choose from that will give you the perfect nutrition for optimum muscle growth and fat loss.

100% Nutrition for your body

You put all you specifics into the software, and it builds a nutritional program for your body,
AND your lifestyle.


Intensive muscle building program … Although this product is marked as a nutritional software first and workout program second, the workouts are top quality and work together with the nutrition program perfectly.

So, if you are tired of those one size fits all workouts. But instead, are looking for a way to lose fat, get toned, or BOTH, then you have found the right plan.

Somanabolic Invertor - Kyle Leon

Somanabolic Invertor – Kyle Leon

To learn more about this and to have the body you WANT for summer, before the price goes up, just click here.


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