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Have you had your GABA tea today ?



Hey folks,

As most of you already know how much I enjoy healthy tea after working out,

or just plain anytime for its health benefits.

Lately been drinking GABA tea and feel discovered a new one to add to my favorites.

It’s all natural, no caffeine,  and has many wonderful benefits.

Here’s some more about GABA tea along with the kind I tried and where you can purchase some to try as well.

GABA tea is one kind of functional NO caffeine tea, functional NO caffeine tea, with special manufactured methods under anaerobic (without oxygen) conditions. Having a smooth rich flavor with a citrus flavor, so no need for adding sugar or dairy.

Because of an abundance in gamma – amino butyric acid, it was named GABA based on initials of the special amino acid contained. In Japan it’s also calls GABARON, due to the release of the tea matching with the popularity of Oolong tea around 1987.
In GABA tea, the gamma – amino butyric acid is a metabolites transferred through the enzymatic function from glutamic acid under anaerobic conditions. Animal and human body clinical tests have confirmed that the tea has lowering the blood pressure function. The GABA tea’s another metabolite alanine is transforms by the aspartic acid, having sobering up the function. In fact, GABA tea is the pure natural health tea.
In recent years, medical research reports repeatedly confirmed importance of GABA tea to human body health, including capability of effectively relieving modern people’s anxiety, restless symptoms and exhaustion etc. It also has a good stabilizing effect on woman’s menopause, as well as beneficial and protective effects on the kidney and liver.
The development of GABA tea in Taiwan has occurred over 10 years.

Some of the health benefits being promoted for GABA supplements include:

–  Reduces high blood pressure

–  Relieves stress and anxiety

–  Deceases hypertension

–  Increases mental alertness

–  Increases memory retention

–  Increases energy levels and exercise endurance

–  Promotes weight loss

–  Acts as an antibacterial

–  Alleviates alcohol withdrawal symptoms

–  Prevents and cures hangovers

–  Offers anti-aging properties

–  Improves sleep

–  Improves skin elasticity and de-emphasizes wrinkles

–  Increases sexual performance

–  Aids in overcoming depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders

The Japanese originally “discovered” GABA tea and have long recognized the health benefits of it as a key source of GABA.  In fact, it has almost become a staple part of the Japanese diet.

GABA tea is made naturally by exposing the tea leaves to nitrogen – instead of oxygen – during the oxidation process.  The result is a heavily oxidized oolong tea (approximately 70-80%) that has a pleasant, slightly sweet taste, almost more like a black tea flavor than a regular oolong.

And here’s where I bought my GABA tea from – GABA tea

Enjoyed good service and they answered my questions too.

Celebrate your Health and Happiness daily with family and friends

Live Boundrylessly !!


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