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Goals ARE your Friend !!

Goals are Dreams with Deadlines

Goals are Dreams with Deadlines

Hey folks,

Been enjoying traveling both for business and some pleasure.

Felt awesome to help start a children’s international school for learning in a foreign country.

Also, after arriving back to the states, caught up with some chums.

One good friend got all of us talking about goals. Have included a part of their question below.

What kinds of daily and weekly goals are you setting? I’ve got long-term goals that I’ve been working towards (E.g., learn how to be a better photojournalist), and I have daily goals that I’m trying to reach, but I’d love to understand how your goals cascade into each other.

Here was my answer”

For Goals: I’ll look over both business and personal. It’s best to have some of both.

For example, look at where you want to be in a week / month.

Then break that down into daily” Success Steps” as I like to call them.

Success Steps

Success Steps

However, don’t beat yourself up if at times you get off the path.

Remember, there are many paths to theĀ top of the mountain…Your Goal is to get there while stepping over and around the challenges you faceĀ along the way.

Don't Give Up on your Goals

Don’t Give Up on your Goals

Instead, learn from it, adjust accordingly, and get back on the path to your goals.

Another one for me is first goal of the day is read between 15 -30 minutes (depending on my schedule) something inspiring. This “cascades’ into my business as well as personal goals.

I’ll look at it as building a “Momentum of Success” with each little success building into the next one. Incorporate BOTH health, business, and Life goals and you’ll soon see (even be surprised) a success in one helps you in the other areas.

Look forward to hearing from you on your goals and how you accomplish them !!

Here’s to a Boundryless Momentum of Success !!

Momentum of Success

Momentum of Success