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BEcome Boundaryless Lifestyle

The Fitness industry has changed a lot over the past few years.

It’s not as much the info on training or nutrition, but more the culture and even mindset of those who workout and diet.

Some think if you don’t squat and deadlift, you might as well not workout.

Or if your not tracking your macros down to the exact gram, then you’re crazy (because tracking macros is life).

Traditional fitness lifestyle can be too much

Take a look at the following questions and I want you to answer yes or no:

  • When you’re not at the gym, do you find yourself already thinking of your next gym session?
  • Do you find yourself comparing your physique to others on through social media like Instagram?
  • Do find most of your conversations revolving around pre-workout rituals or the latest fad supplements.
  • Do you catch yourself daydreaming about how if only your arms were 2 inches bigger or if you were 5-10 pounds leaner?
  • Are you that dude who brings his own homemade salad dressing because the restaurant one is too high calorie?

If you murmured a “yes” to any of the above then there’s a chance that you’re living the traditional fitness lifestyle.

This is what I’m trying my best to avoid and help others avoid as well.

You shouldn’t live a life where all you care about is fitness.

WHY……cause that was never the goal of fitness in the first place.

Working out and eating healthy should Enhance your life, not consume it.

The Extreme hardcore culture has influenced the fitness industry way too much doing more harm than good.

This is where you can chose to make your fitness, health, heck…LIFE … Boundaryless.

Here’s your Freedom ticket to Living

the Boundaryless fitness lifestyle

A Boundaryless fitness lifestyle is a growing movement people like you just want to be healthy and feel sexy without bound by the latest health fad news.

Here’s an easy summary of what it means to live the Boundaryless fitness lifestyle:

The non-fitness lifestyle is 10% your training, 10% your diet, and most important 80% your mindset

If your like myself you like finding those “hacks” that will help you lose those extra pounds and then boost your confidence to go to the beach, ask for a raise, or enjoy the respect of others.

You can achieve that through ….

Your Mindset.

Yeah it’s unsexy but true.

It’s not what you want to hear.

But for 99% of you it’s what you need to hear.

Why do you think that no matter how well-structured a diet or workout program is, most people fail?

Why do you think no matter how good a personal trainer is, clients don’t see any long lasting results?

It’s not the tricks or tactics producing results.

It is your mindset and how you chose to execute on the advice your given.

Boundaryless Living ~

focuses on the journey,

not just the destination

Think of the last time you went out for a nice meal. Did you rush to finish to enjoy the ending?

Be honest! You took your time, enjoying the taste, smells, even the decor. Especially, taking your time, chatting with friends or family, savoring the moment as much as your food.

THAT my friends is Enjoying the Journey!!

So your fitness should be the same way.

The Boundaryless fitness lifestyle is all about the enjoying that moment you improved by getting another rep or two in your chinups.

While the end result is great, it’s the climb where you Really grow.

It’s the climb where you learn about what Motivates you and where you develop a state of mindfulness. Mindfulness being fully aware of yourself and your E-Motions, that is your (Energy in Motion).

It’s crucial as most people dwell too much on past and future events and don’t focus enough on what’s happening in their lives right now.

Boundaryless Macro Tracking (BMT)

Flexible dieting or IIFYM (if it fits your macros) has gotten extremely popular over the past few years.In fact, a bit too popular for its own good.

In theory, this gives you more “freedom” how you approach your diet.

But what many of my friends have found is they become obsessively anal about hitting their macros exactly “on the dot.”

Let me throw an example out …, if someone is suppose to eat 300 grams of carbs for the day, many people who follow IIFYM will get all stressed out about getting exactly 300 grams of carbs.

They’ll start eating 1/4th of a rice cake or eat 1/2 a teaspoon of ice cream to finish off their macros.

The reason IIFYM became popular was because people viewed it as a way to reduce dieting stress and have more “fun” foods in their diet.

But tracking 3 separate macro variables and making sure everything lines up does the opposite of reducing stress.

Most guys and gals just can’t do it without driving themselves insane.

Boundaryless Macro Tracking (BMT)

This is why I’m starting to recommend Boundary Macro Tracking (BMT) which is the even more flexible version of IIFYM.

With BMT, you will just track overall calories and protein while keeping an eye on your carbs and fats.

The Boundaryless fitness lifestyle teaches Boundaryless Adaptable Training (BAT)

Bruce said it best in summing up Boundaryless Adaptable Training (BAT) very spot-on..

It’s a more contextual approach to minimalist training.

Most minimalist training programs tell someone to simply to 3 sets of deadlifts plus maybe 2 sets of lunges and call it a day.

There’s a BIG problem with this in that it doesn’t allow you to take into account your personal goals, and experience level.

If your more a beginner you might do fine on a simple minimalist program but an intermediate or more experienced lifter will likely struggle to make progress.

If you’re more experienced, you’ want a plan that fits your needs and not one you need to fit yourself to.

This is where I have found the whole minimalist workout trend falls flat.

What’s “minimalist” to one person, may not to another.

This is why you need to adapt your minimalist training to suit your needs, hence the birth of BAT.

BAT utilizes minimalist training (doing what’s needed and throwing out all unnecessary crap) but at the same time, it evolves with you as you become more advanced and your goals change.

For example, a workout you can do Anywhere – Anytime is an Isometric workout.

Here’s some background for you.

The Energy pathways of our bodies were designed to exhaust Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) stores in the muscle which last for approximately 2 seconds and the resynthesis of ATP from Creatine/Phosphate (CP) will continue until CP stores are depleted, which is approximately 4 to 5 seconds. This gives us around 6 to 7 seconds of ATP production. Repeat, 6-7 seconds. When first learning to do this it may take you up to 12 seconds to get the hang of it – no worries as with practice you’ll improve..

Of course equally important is … BREATHING ….. you have inhaled to fill your lungs with air, then slowly exhaling as you do an Isometric Contraction.

You can easily learn 5 Isometric contractions right now.

Here’s a link to a YouTube video showing you.

They are shown by

Paul J.O’Brien B.A., N.C.E.H.S., Dip. Acu., Adv. Dip. OBB, Cert Clin. Med. M.AFPA, M.ETCMA, M.C.Th.A.

You can find more on this on his YouTube channel. What I really like about Paul is his medical background. So he really knows his stuff.

The Boundaryless fitness lifestyle helps you

Get the Body and Confidence you deserve

You’re thinking … Looks matter.

That’s a fact of life.

If you know nothing about a person, the only thing you can judge them on is there looks. We feel someone who’s ripped at 8% body fat is going to be looked at differently than someone who’s 50 pounds overweight.

And while the goal of the Boundlessness fitness lifestyle is to make you really really ridiculously good looking, I don’t want the goal of of achieving perfect aesthetics to take over your life.

I know guys, and gals, who’ve gone from looking like a Golden Corral cover model to looking insanely ripped and now all they care about is fitness.

They carry gallon jugs of water around everywhere they go, stay in the gym for 2+ hours just to “hang out,”

Point is … don’t let fitness take over your life.

Yes, looking sexy and being healthy is great but the moment you start living your life just for that, is the moment you lose at life.

The Boundaryless fitness lifestyle lets you be fit, look amazing, but instead of you being consumed by fitness consume you, use fitness to enhance all other aspects of your life and … Enjoy Living!!

A Boundaryless Life is about enjoying a sport, pick up a hobby, have fun learning a new skill, and especially enjoying that QT (Quality Time) with your family and friends.

Just Chill Out folks… Life (Living) is enjoying the journey!

Enjoy a Boundaryless journey as through being active in both mind and body.

So … What are you waiting for… Go Live!!