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How Bad do you really WANT your Dream ? !

Hi Folks,

Been traveling, but wanted to share something REALLY motivating with you that I always use to get that Inspiration and Determination flowing….Hope it does it for you too 😉

Here’s a short video to help get your motivation flowing and your excuseds going bye – bye !



How Bad to You Want your Dream ? !

How Bad to You Want your Dream ? !

Experiencing the Second Gateway ~

Successfully Using Your Knowledge

Successfully Using Your Knowledge

Hi Folks,

Hope  you enjoyed a wonderful New Year celebration and ready to enjoy new accomplishments this 2012.

Reclaim something very valuable you probably didn’t even know you may have lost …..

Your Will !!

Assert your Positive Will AND by Acting Upon what you Know.

This point is SO important please reread that last sentence again ~

By applying that sentence you can create an abundant Life while enjoying using your Knowledge AND Will to make those 2012 plans come true.

So to add to this….

We experience it a challenge in feeling at ease creating from our will….Dis-ease = disease ~

This is usually the result of wishing ~ hoping life “should be” a certain way then being surprised … even disappointed when reality shows that life just isn’t fair when judged by our personal standard.

In conclusion, if we chase after something impossible, without using our Knowledge AND Will, then we put our energy into a hopeless plan.

However, when we discover something of Great Power in our very possession .. Knowledge AND Will to CAUSE the outcome we so Desire, then the Effect will be…..

You hopefully have guessed….

Your Personal goals coming true !!

Please share your thoughts on these new posts along with some of your own personal success stories ~

Here’s to Living 2012 Boundrylessly !!

Will to Succeed ~

Will to Succeed ~

What Motivates You ?!!!

Jack Palance one arm push-ups ~ Desire meets Motivation !!!

Jack Palance one arm push-ups ~ Desire meets Motivation !!!

Jack Palance one arm push-ups ~ Desire meets Motivation !!!
What motivates You !?!

For me…….The power of desire !!!

It CAN be a good thing desire. Desire a healthy fit body, money to travel, etc.

My motivation ~ to learn that Golden Lesson each day. To make my desires real by seeing the image of that desire, then putting the energy of my desire into accomplishing and making it REAL !!
Be it a heavier weight, learning a new language, or whatever desire I feel will make me grow.

For motivation watch these two videos and let me know YOUR motivation and comments Natural Muscle Mass Rockers !!!

Face YOUR Giant and while you Conquer It attain your desire fueled by your motivation !!!!

Remember to Power your Motivation takes Positive Thinking !!!

Listen to what Will Smith has to say about it here :

Keep Going ~ Keep Growing !!!!