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The Seventh Gate ~ Your Emotions and You ~

E-motion = Energy in Motion ~ You CAN Do It !

E-motion = Energy in Motion ~ You CAN Do It !

Hi Folks,

More times than not people don’t feel it is good to accept their emotions.

When in reality emotions add Zest to Life !

Think of an emotion as “E – motion” or Energy in Motion.

So as a person attaches emotions to an experience in their life they are actually giving that experience energy.

Good news…

We CAN choose to let our emotions become an integral part of charging our experience to our benefit.

Another tip….

First….when wanting success….Picture….Visualize a time in your life when you succeeded.


Verbalize ┬áit….speak aloud how it felt to succeed in that past experience.


Actualize it … by applying ~ attaching this E – Motion ~ Energy in Motion to your new experience to succeed.

Just remember to you don’t need to “fix” your emotions, just choose how much “Energy in Motion” you desire to attach to say a goal and you will begin to see how much more exciting it is to work at as well as attain that goal.

So be at peace with your emotions they can help us charge our goals while enriching our lives too !!

Here’s to living a Boundrylessly Energy in Motion Lifestyle !!