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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!

Warm wishes for a Merry Christmas followed by a Happy New Year of your Dreams coming True !!

Home for Christmas__Photo Gallery Wallpaper


Naturally Delicious ~

Hi folks,

Just wanted to share about found a delicious wholesome foods site. Enjoyed their garlic butter on my homemade french bread. Recently enjoyed some of the Raisin Buttermilk spread on a bagel. Just search for “Food Shares Love” on this site and Hope you enjoy it too !


Garlic Butter 2

Picture of my homemade French bread with Garlic butter spread ~

Sweet sauce on bagel__2

Picture of the Raisin buttermilk spread enjoyed on bagel ~

Enjoy a Happy, Healthy Boundryless Life everyone !!

Manage Holiday Stress

Hi Folks,

Just some quick tips to help those facing a crazy busy holiday season that I’ve used to handle my busy consultant service, helping my wife with her business start-up,  and on top of that, meeting my goals for a Awesome finish to 2013 and Super Kick-Start to 2014.

Gee, after reading that you’d think I would be as my granddad use to say….Busier than a one-arm paper hanger!

Instead, enjoyed a morning workout that energized me for the day….not just for me, but to help others attain their goals. For as we help others, we ultimately are also helping ourselves achieve as well.


Now for some tips to manage that holiday stress – Anytime ~

It’s the 4-7-8 relaxation breathing sequence. I learned the 4-7-8 breathing practice from the writings of Drs. Andrew Weil and Tierona Low Dog. The technique shifts the autonomic nervous system away from the sympathetic predominance (which makes our hearts race and our palms sweaty when we face a stressful situation) and allows the parasympathetic nervous system to shine.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Sit up straight in a chair.
  2. Place the tip of your tongue up against the roof of your mouth. Keep it there through the entire breathing process.
  3. Breathe in silently through your nose to the slow count of 4.
  4. Hold your breath to the count of 7.
  5. Exhale through your mouth to the count of 8, making a slight audible sound.
  6. Repeat the 4-7-8 cycle another three times, for a total of fourbreathing exercises.

Does breathing really work to train our nervous system to find a calm place from which we can manage life more successfully?

Thousands of years of practice in many religious traditions say that it does. Recent scientific studies also confirm the benefits. For example, subjects taught to breathe slowly and deeply as a mind-body practice show beneficial changes in the autonomic nervous system favoring parasympathetic relaxation, document changes increases in skin temperature from better artery flow, and reveal reductions inblood pressure compared to control subjects. If you have children or teenagers, www.gozen.com has a terrific teaching video on the 4-7-8 breathing exercise that may be useful to share with them.

Anyone can benefit from this important tool. Svatmarama wrote in the Hatha Yoga Prakipika that “when the breath is calmed the mind too will be still, and the yogi achieves long life. Therefore, one should learn to control the breath”. This ancient wisdom still rings true today.

Here’s to enjoying a Happier lower stress Holiday Boundryless Season with those we care about the most in our Life !!


Enjoy Holiday Cheer AND be Healthy too !

Healthy Holidays with Healthy Apples

Healthy Holidays with Healthy Apples

Hi again folks,

Just a quick note to share how it IS easy to stay healthy this holiday season, and here’s how….

You’ve heard the saying, “an Apple a day,  keeps the doctor away,” right?
Of course you know I didn’t mean your Apple iPhone or iPad …..Right ?!
Of course !

And this advice has transcended generation after generation as a staple to good health and longevity.

Now, what people didn’t know – and it took researchers a long time to discover – is that apples carry a lot MORE health benefits than once thought.

In a minute, you will discover a new component of apples that has the research community in a buzz over these latest results!

But first, here is a little bit of information that you may not know about your favorite little red, green, or yellow fruit…

Health Benefits of Apples

You know if you want to be healthy, you need a wide variety of nutrients in order to maximize your health.

Nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and countless others are responsible for improving your insides as well as your outside.

Apples – which are a perfect low-calorie snack food, by the way – have been shown to improve health in a number of different ways.

First, one of the main components of apples happens to be water.

Now, water itself helps to keep you hydrated throughout the day – which is important for maintaining normal function in your cells.

Also, when you consume a lot of water – in food or by drinking – it fills up your stomach, which leaves you feeling full instead of hungry.

And this may prevent you from OVEREATING!

Next, apples are chock full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which again are necessary for normal cellular functioning.

Plus, they are good for reducing inflammation (antioxidants), fighting off nasty viruses, and reducing the effects of free radical damage (shown to increase inflammation).

The apple peels also makes them an excellent source of fiber – which also fills you up and helps with normal digestion.

Now, one nutrient found in apples – pectin – is a fat soluble type of fiber that accounts for almost 50 percent of the fiber found in apples.

Pectin has been associated with decreasing fat in your blood (lower cholesterol levels) – therefore giving you heart-health benefits.

However, researchers have found a new nutrient in apples that may increase lean muscle tissue and increase the activity of a special fat in your body!

Apples, Brown Fat, and Weight Loss

For a long time, apples have been a staple in the diets of people looking to lose weight – which is very understandable.

They are low in fat and calories, high in water, and have plenty of fiber – which makes this a perfect fat fighting food.

However, there have been some very exciting findings as of late.

A nutrient found in apples – called ursolic acid – has been making headlines as of late.

Ursolic acid – which is found in the skin of apples – has been shown in some studies to help you burn more calories.

Here are some quick highlights of the study:

They found that ursolic acid – when added to high-fat fed mice – were able to increase lean muscle mass…

Increase BOTH fast and slow muscle fibers…

And, increase grip strength AND exercise capacity!

But, here is where it gets interesting:

Ursolic acid also was shown to increase brown fat stores on the subjects’ bodies!

This may have been responsible for increasing energy expenditure…

Reducing obesity…

Improving glucose tolerance…

And decreasing fat storage in their livers!

The researchers concluded:

“These data support a model in which ursolic acid reduces obesity, glucose intolerance, and fatty liver disease by increasing skeletal muscle and brown fat, and suggest ursolic acid as a potential therapeutic approach for obesity and obesity-related illness.”
Eat Apples to Burn More Calories

As you already know, apples are a great addition to any weight loss plan.

Full of water, fiber, vitamins, and minerals, apples go a long way to support overall good health.

Now, however, a new nutrient discovered in the peel of apples may provide a new approach to fighting obesity and obesity-related illnesses.

Here’s to a Happy Healthy Holiday Season Everyone !!  🙂

Boost your Holiday Metabolism and Enjoy your Holiday More !

Enjoy a Happy Healthy Holiday AND Eat !!

Enjoy a Happy Healthy Holiday AND Eat !!

Hey Folks,

Recently chatted with friends on ways to keep our metabolism burning those holiday foods while still enjoying the holiday.

Here’s what we came up with…

First…Admit most of us do it…
Over did ourselves with the abundant
carbs, savory sauces, and decadent
desserts we were tempted with over
the season of holiday parties.
It can be really difficult not to give
in to that second serving or slice of
mom’s homemade pie…
Well, even if you did go overboard,
here are some super-simple tips to
trick your metabolism back into
fatburning mode and accelerate
your results.
#1 Hydration 
It is so simple its almost silly—
everyone has heard they should drink
8 glasses of water a day…
Well there’s good reason. According
to experts at the University of Utah,
if you’re not getting enough water
you’re likely burning 2 percent fewer
calories than your body should be
burning at any given time.

For optimal fat burning, make your last glass of
water very cold and drink it just before
bed. This forces your body to “heat
back up” while you sleep, thus burning
even more calories.

#2 Munch on Melon
This simple tip is tasty, inexpensive,
and incredibly easy to follow—eat

It contains arginine, an
amino acid, believed to significantly
decrease body fat, and increase lean
muscle. Make watermelon your
preferred snack as it curbs sugar
cravings, while enhancing metabolic

And while eating fruit like watermelon
can satisfy your sweet tooth and sugar
cravings, you NEVER want to eat it alone.

Fruit is pure carbohydrate and will spike
your blood sugar too high, making your
body release insulin and go into “fat-storage”

Always eat fruit with a handful of nuts or
some other natural healthy fat and/or protein
to slow down the blood sugar spike and release
insulin over time.

This will make sure you stay lean while you
eat fruit!

#3 Vitamin D Matters to Muscles 
Most Americans don’t get enough
Vitamin D—up to 80 percent of us are

You can obtain most of your
daily D from a 3.5-ounce of wild
salmon. Vitamin D is also in herring,
catfish, trout, mushrooms, and eggs.

During the winter months, it’s especially
important becuase we are not getting
enough sunshine from being outside.

Load up on your Vitamin D to keep your
muscles lean and tone while you keep
your metabolism firing.

#4 Iron = Energy
Not only does iron naturally increase
your energy and metabolism, it
provides the oxygen your muscles
need to blast fat.

Get your iron from
lean meats, shellfish, beans and
dark leafy greens like kale (yum!)
and spinach.

Beware of iron supplements,
as excessive iron can mean trouble
for your heart. Keep it natural by
eating natural foods high in iron for

best results.
#5 Spice it Up!
Spicy foods like red and green chili
contain potent chemical compounds
that can push your metabolism into
high gear.

Capsaicin is what’s
responsible for generating the
fat-burning heat in a process called

All you have to do is
“get it started” and eat spicy foods like
habanero, cayenne and jalapeno.
Doing so will accelerate metabolism
for several hours after your meal.

Who says you have to gain those
holidaypounds during this season
of decadence?…

You can enjoy your favorite foods
and still keep your metabolism firing.

Use these simple tips to get your
metabolism back into accelerated
fatloss mode, and be sure to check
in soon for more healthy living tips.
Here’s to enjoying a Boundrylessly Happy Healthy Holiday Season !!
Eat to Enjoy a Healthy Holiday

Eat to Enjoy a Healthy Holiday

The Pathway to Growth

Enjoying ~ Preparing ~ Sharing

Enjoying ~ Preparing ~ Sharing

Hi Folks,

You may be thinking, this title sounds different than the usual posts.

Well, after my friends and I had enjoyed a great workout of running the hills at the park, along with some chinups on the nearby tree limb, and finishing with my favorite some handstand pushups, we felt time to enjoy some chatting and breakfast.

This time our conversation lead to how we feel we have grown (not just in height 😉

The chat had us realize how much our friends, family, enviroment, especially our Attitude has helped us grow.

We all agreed on one thing though …

Our Words and Thoughts have physical Power !!

Will be sharing both in this post and upcoming ones more on this.

For now, enjoy the video and please share your thoughts and ideas too !



Will have a holiday post for you coming soon.


Until then enjoy living a Boundrylessly fulfilling life this holiday season with those most special in your life ~

Happy Healthy Thanksgiving !

Hey Folks,

Wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving !!

Happy Thanksgiving ~ Time to be Thankful ~

Happy Thanksgiving ~ Time to be Thankful ~

‘Tis the season when many accept gaining weight as a given, as inevitable as that certain neighbor’s house decked out with so many holiday lights that it rivals the Las Vegas strip in brightness.

holiday weight gain

But a holiday weight gain study published in the New England Journal of Medicine showed that that weight adults put on during the holidays stayson … and may be a big contributor to obesity later in life.

You can avoid the sneaky holiday weight gain by staying aware, forming a plan, and acting on it (versus the passive approach many have during the holidays; that may be fine for “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!” but not for your health!)

Below are twelve top tips to help you avoid that holiday weight gain:

1. Drink lots of water before you head to a party, and when you’re there too.Drinking water helps you feel fuller. (This can also help you ease up on alcohol.)

2. Have a healthy snack before you head to holiday gatherings, such as your favorite fruit, vegetable, or protein. Berries are one good choice because they are low in sugar but high in fiber, which helps you feel full.

3. Sleep properly. Ideally at all times, but especially make sure you are well-rested before attending any holiday gatherings. People tend to make poorer decisions that are not in their own best interest when tired, including eating too much and eating foods that they shouldn’t.

4. Don’t engage in conversations around the appetizers or buffet table. Half-consciously picking away at the foods while you’re gabbing can sneak a lot of calories into you!

5. Wear clothes that fit snuggly, or wear a belt. Some people head to holiday gatherings in their easiest-fitting clothes, which is just asking for trouble. If the snug starts to feel a little too snug, it’s a great reminder to stop eating.

6. Plan your indulgence in advance. If you absolutely KNOW you must have that piece of pumpkin pie with whipped topping on it because, hey, it’s the holidays and you’ve been doing it since you were born, have an advance plan. Allow yourself that favorite indulgence, but remind yourself you’re not going to fall into an indulgence-free-fall where you’re also consuming equal parts apple pie, sugar cookies, snowman cupcakes, and that weird fruitcake too.

7. Plan your alcohol intake in advance, too. If you plan on drinking wine, beer, or other alcohol, allow yourself one or two drinks and stick to your plan. When you passively enter a situation where, on the spot, you figure, “Oh, okay, I’ll have one glass of Merlot,” one can easily turn to three, four, or more. In addition to the obvious effects of the alcohol, that can add on some big calories quick.

8. Use smaller plates. Studies show that the larger the plate, the more food we put on it, and the more of it we tend to eat. Whether it is for appetizers or the main meal, switch to a smaller plate so you will take and eat less!

9. Keep exercising during the “lazy months”! In many parts of the world during these holidays it is cold outside, prompting people to stay inside much more. That’s a tempting invitation to reduce or even stop exercising, and all too many people accept that invitation. RESIST!  Exercise has endless benefits, including of course burning those calories off and reducing your appetite.

10. Team up with a partner to keep one another committed to the plan. Share your intention to keep the holiday weight off with your buddy (spouse or other family member, friend, etc.), and the specific points of your plan. Even if you are not attending the gathering with them, you can ask them to call or text you as a reminder to stick to your goals.

11. Designate a bracelet, watch, or other piece of jewelry you will wear and see as your reminder to stick to the points of your plan to keep the holiday weight off. When you tell yourself in advance that every time you glance at your watch you will be reminded to stick to plan, it makes it even more likely that you will! A cell phone can even work.

12. If at first you don’t succeed, try again. So maybe you didn’t quite succeed at all of the tips above at that last holiday gathering. That’s okay. Just don’t use that as the excuse not to attempt to stick to them at the next holiday gathering, and so forth. Gathering after gathering you will actually improve at sticking to your plan … if you don’t let the excuse of last time get in your way!

One BIG final suggestion to beat the holiday weight gain trap: write down your own goals and plans based on the above… or print this page out.

And then post it where you are going to routinely see it, and where you will see it before heading to or hosting any holiday gatherings. Make multiple copies and post it in multiple places if you need to!

Setting these specific goals and then staying committed to them – including staying aware by putting reminders of them in key places around you – is the KEY to avoiding that holiday weight gain!

Enjoy a Boundrylessly enjoyable Happy Thanksgiving while being thankful for those around you along with your bountiful life !!

Thankful Thanksgiving Together !