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Live Boundrylessly …Chose to Improve your Health with these Easy steps!

10 Easy Tips to improve your Health Now!


Top 10 Tips for Health:
Focus on the experience of eating.
Be entirely focused and keep your mind present while eating. Digestion starts in the mind. Focus on the
sensation of chewing and swallowing. Savor the textures and flavors. Chew your food until it is almost
liquid to aid digestion. Avoid other stimulation, such as the TV or reading while eating.
Drink the correct amount of water for you.
(0.033lts x bodyweight in kg; e.g. 0.033 x 86kg = 2.84lts). Our bodies are 70-80% water and this needs
to be topped up constantly, you have to be consistent to remain hydrated, you can’t save up and have
a slack day. Add at least 0.5lts for every hour of exercise you do.
Get out more.
Spend at least 15 minutes outside each day irrespective of weather. This could be just sitting in the park
and watching the world go by; or ideally include some movement have a stroll in the country and
breathe some fresh air.
Eat some protein with every meal.
This generally means food that was an animal, or comes from an animal. Vegetarians choose foods
naturally higher in proteins (Nuts, Quinoa).
Pay more, eat less.
Aim to eat good quality fresh organic foods. Organic food can be expensive, but your body will absorb
more nutrients from the food so you will not need to eat as much. Avoid all processed foods, they are
high in poor quality nutrients and place a stress on your system. If you can’t pick it, harvest it or kill it, don’t
eat it.
Eat regularly, 5-6 meals per day.
Aim to eat something every 2-4 hours (3 ideally), this doesn’t have to be a full meal, small more frequent
meals are better at maintaining blood sugar levels and reducing cravings.
Don’t avoid fat.
Avoid low fat and diet products, they are often higher in total calories and contain large amounts of
sugar. Good quality fats and oils are needed for many of the bodies natural functions and should be
included in a balanced program.
Throw the microwave out.
It destroys nutrients and turns the food into a non-food. Microwaves damage the cell wall of foods to
such a degree that the gut receptors are not likely to recognize microwaved food particles as a food.
Move more.
Our bodies are designed to move, it doesn’t have to be exercise in a gym. Anything that gets your
body moving around is good; from walking the dog to laying down some moves on the dance
floor. Add a little extra activity into your routine each week until it becomes part of your routine.
Plan your menu for the week.
Having a plan of your meals for the week and shopping accordingly, helps keep focus on your
program. Allow yourself time at the weekends to prepare meals and snacks for days when you feel
you will not have time. It’s when we are not prepared that we ‘grab’ something quick (which generally
means poor quality) from the shop. Planning ahead reduces the need to do this. Complete a food
diary regularly to keep track, good nutrition isn’t rocket science you will be able to spot when you are
going wrong, if you write it down.

So Live Boundryless…..Chose to Live a Healthy Life…Now!!!