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Face Your Fear ~ Journey through the Eighth Gate to Growth !


Conquering Fear ~ Conquer it One Step at a time ~

Conquering Fear ~ Conquer it One Step at a time ~

Hi Folks,

Glad to hear you are enjoying this series. Remember to accomplish going through each Gate requires looking within oneself to learn AND grow ~ Both Challenge as well as Goal !

Today’s is about Facing our Fears…

A famous quote …..”Courage is not in the absence of fear, but the Conquering of it.”

Daily courage is not just a feeling…

Daily courage is … An Action !!

So make fear (especially of the unknown) your Servant and Guide not your master.

Do this through beginning with weekly challenges of facing an “unknown” in your life.

Such as fear of trying something new. For me, one example was instead of working out in a gym, do it at the park, wherever my work took me… be more spontaneous.  Soon I found others felt my enthusiasm so they would join me or even start chatting sometimes.

So turn a negative into a Positive folks….

Face Your Fear while journeying through this Eighth Gate to Growing from Fear into Courage !!

Here’s to Living Boundrylessly conquering our fears to build our Courage !!

Courageously Conquer your fear !

Courageously Conquer your fear !

Be Boundryless ~ Know the Difference between Data, Knowledge and Wisdom !!

Powerful Planning + Action = Success

Powerful Planning + Action = Success

When trying to master anything, it’s important to understand that “learning” something is not the same thing as “KNOWING” it !!

SO Confused Yet?

Read on ….

I can understand why you might be. Beginning with the way we were raised in the Western academic structure, where we were tested on “learning” and not necessarily “knowledge,” we were lead to believe that learning was the goal, not the first step on the Path to wisdom.

Here is a brief description of each of the three general states of “understanding” which leads to what we refer to as Mastery.

1) Learning – This is the phase of the process where we are exposed to new information about the topic. But, it is important to understand that learning something – that getting information – is not the same as really “knowing” that thing.

As a quick example to illustrate my point, I once learned how to say, “Hello. How are you?” in the Japanese language. But…

I don’t know how to say, “Hello, How are you?” in Japanese.

How is this possible? After all, I learned it, right?

I took the time to have someone teach me how to say this simple phrase in another language – supposedly so I could communicate, at least at this level, with someone else who speaks Japanese.

What happened?

Well …….. I didn’t practice to Integrate it then Retain the information so that it was available for use whenever I really needed it.

I didn’t work to “KNOW” how to say this simple, Japanese, greeting.

And this leads to…

2)Knowledge – Knowledge occurs when we have worked with the information long enough to “not have to think about it when we need it.” We know how to speak the English language. We don’t have to stop and think about which words to use, how to form proper syntax or sentence structure, or anything else, before we open our mouths to communicate with someone else.

In fact, we don’t think about it much at all. We simply say what we want to say and the words are there.

That’s knowledge.

It’s the same for tying your shoes, swimming, walking, writing, or a thousand other things that we take for granted. And…

…it should be the exact same with ANYTHING, Knowledge is not power …….
USING that Knowledge is POWER!!!

Getting the idea!?!

But, this isn’t it. Not if your goal is really Mastery.

It’s not until you know more than what you know, that you will have reached the final stage. And this is the stage of…

3)WISDOM – This is the level where you know how to utilize your knowledge appropriate for the situation you’re in. Not generally – but specifically.

This is the phase of your progress when you can take the lessons learned and apply it in a completely different and unrelated situation – and that technique is exactly the right thing for producing the results you needed.


Is it possible to “learn” these things?

Sure it is!

But, again, the question is not about whether you learned it or not.

The question is, and always will be…

Can you use it when you need it? And…

Can you apply the lesson you learned, and knowledge you have, to be successful in more situations than you originally learned the technique for in the first place?

That’s “wisdom.”

That’s Mastery!

Speaking of Mastery just HAD to include this pic……

Balancing Knowledge with Mastery

Balancing Knowledge with Mastery