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Healthy and Cancer Free !

Hi Folks,

Been traveling while working recently. Wanted to share some health tips have gleaned while chatting with friends.

First to enjoy a health heart ~

Whether you believe high cholesterol contributes to heart disease or not, it’s best to keep your numbers low. It’s also quite beneficial to keep your fiber consumption high to reduce your risk of heart disease. And while we’re on the subject — controlling your weight is a given for protecting your heart.

Good news is — there is one fruit that can help you do all that and more…

Research has revealed that consuming one to one and half avocados a day significantly reduces total cholesterol (TC), “bad” low density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) and triglycerides (TG) — without impacting “good” high density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL) — when they are substituted for sources of saturated fat.

Avocados, high in fat and calories, can help you lose weight, improve your diet, reduce your sugar intake and help your cholesterol.“Fresh avocado, as part of a balanced diet, and as a cholesterol-free substitute for solid fats, can help be part of the solution for maintaining normal cholesterol levels,” says Nikki Ford, PhD, Director of Nutrition, Hass Avocado Board. “Beyond their naturally good fats, avocados are also a delicious way to boost fiber (8 percent of DV) and fruit intakes, both of which are under consumed in American diets.”

Avocados can also help boost satiety so you feel fuller longer and possibly eat less.

Eating a half of an avocado with a meal, according to a study of people trying to bring their weight down, can help you feel like you’ve eaten enough and avoid the temptation to stuff yourself with sweets.

The Loma Linda researchers found that folks who eat half of a fresh avocado with their lunch experience a 40 percent decrease in the desire to keep eating after the meal. And the effect persisted five hours later (to a diminished degree). The people in the study also reported feeling 26 percent more satisfied.

But what’s that you’ve heard about avocados causing weight gain? Hogwash. Results from the National Health and Nutrition examination survey has shown that eating an avocado every day does not make people gain weight and is associated with better diet quality, nutrient intake and lower risk of metabolic syndrome.

Further, to be healthy to a “T” as in healthy T cells here is what is currently suggested ~

At an annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Washington DC ended recently, and a new cancer-killing therapy was a big topic.

Researchers revealed that they had taken human T-cells and engineered them to identify, memorize and attack tumor cells. The therapy didn’t work for everyone and some patients experienced toxic side-reactions and died. However, some of the patients had many other therapies that failed, and some people were in complete remission after 18 months.

It’s great that scientists have used the body’s own natural cancer killing cells in their research. But like many of these therapies, scientists are calling T-cells a “living drug” so they can patent and sell an eventual therapy … which won’t be available to the general public any time soon.

Fortunately, what is available to you are your own T-cells.

They’re not a drug, and they already attack cancer cells. Plus, you can increase their cancer-killing effectiveness starting right now. Here are three natural ways to boost the cancer-killing effectiveness of your T-cells:

1) Start with getting plenty of vitamin D.

The prestigious journal Nature published a study with a stunning discovery: T-cells don’t work very well unless your vitamin D receptors are activated. In other words, T-cells won’t activate without enough vitamin D.

The study also says you can increase your T-cell responsiveness by 750 percent by making sure you have a good amount of vitamin D.

Direct sunshine is best because our bodies make vitamin D from the sun’s rays. If you can’t get some sun every day, it’s best to get at least 3-5,000 IU of D3 daily. You might need as much as 10,000 IU if you’ve been out of the sun for most of this winter already.

2) Add some selenium to your diet, or make sure it’s in your daily multi-nutrient.

Selenium is well-known to be cancer-protective. But studies show it also increases the effectiveness of T-cells, and makes them more powerful.

Fortunately, you don’t need much selenium. You do need more than the RDA, which is only 55 micrograms. It appears that up to but no more than 200 mcg a day is a good target. You should get it from food. A few Brazil nuts will give you all you need. Or you could eat plenty of eggs, fish, and mushrooms.

3) Have you ever heard of Cat’s claw? It’s easier to say than its Latin name, Uncaria Tomentosa.

This plant is native to South America, and its health benefits are so powerful that it’s now being studied to see what it can do against cancer. What they’ve discovered is that cat’s claw cat’s turns on T-cells and unleashes them against many diseases. Like the T-cells in the study, cat’s claw seems to stop cancer from spreading.

You will normally see cat’s claw in supplement form at a 350 mg daily dose, and it’s standardized to contain 8% carboxy alkyl esters, which is the active compound.

Mother nature provides many options to skyrocket your body’s own natural cancer defenses–and more and more people are turning to them. In 2005, 72 million people sought alternative treatments, many like the ones you can read about in Dr. Michael Cutler’s Surviving Cancer manual. Click to learn more.

Here’s to enjoying Living a Boundryless Life !!



The Power of Giving to Receive !

Helping Others

Helping Others

Hi Folks,

Would like to share a wonderfully inspiring post by one of my favorite writers and people… Craig Ballantyne.

Here’s his post in its entirety ….Enjoy and remember to Pay it Forward !!

How Helping Others Will Help You to Get What You Want in Life

By Craig Ballantyne
It began as a gloomy, hectic, downright downer of a Wednesdayworkday.

Just over twelve hours earlier on Tuesday afternoon I had wrapped up a disappointing business call. An important project had taken an unexpected detour and seemed like our progress at Early To Rise would be set back for months. It really knocked the wind out of my sails.

Try as I might to shake this feeling, my ennui remained with me the next morning. To add to my exasperation, my schedule had been filled with appointments rather than writing time, a casualty of my constant travel schedule that had kept me out of Toronto – and allowed a pile of miscellaneous errands to build up – for the past three weeks. I was running around but felt like I was spinning my wheels. I’m sure you know the feeling.

Just when I was about to write-off the day, a magical phone call turned it around. Dare I say it even turned my week, and perhaps even my month, around?

After hours of line-ups at the bank and appointments, I parked my car on a green, leafy street in Toronto near its beautiful High Park, and dialed into a conference call number. It was time for a coaching session with my favorite (and most successful) client and her business partner. Let’s call them Sally and Hank.

Hearing Sally’s voice brought a smile to my face. Things were already starting to get better. But it was the help I could deliver to them that would really make my day.

Sally and Hank were dealing with “more money, more problems” in their rapidly growing business. The more revenue they generated, the more they were tempted to – and often did – take that money and add employees, invest in side projects, and fill office space, even though none of these directly contributed to the financial health of the business. Sally and Hank found themselves overwhelmed by the monster they had created.

My clients are two of the most generous, helping, and value-adding people that I know. Yet the truth is that Sally and Hank are out of their league when it comes to growing a multi-million dollar business and the team that comes with it. This is all new to them. As a result, a complex business has been built where a simple solution would have done the job just as well, but with less stress.

Adding more employees not only increased their expenses but it also dramatically elevated the amount of time required to manage these new hires. Almost all of this responsibility fell on Hank’s shoulders and it was getting to a point where something was going to give – either his work performance or his health. Hank had set no boundaries and was paying the price for it. As Sally exclaimed with exasperation, “You don’t even get a lunch break!”

We were deeply concerned about the enormous stress and pressure that had been heaped upon Hank. Something had to be done. He needed help.

This was my cue to come to the rescue and show Hank how to implement my time and energy management secrets along with my goal-setting and priority organization systems. These solutions would simplify his life.

“Sounds like me”, you might be thinking about your work or even family responsibilities. If you can relate to Hank, then you’ll appreciate how we fixed the situation.

I started softly, first by explaining to them how the President of the company has the authority to schedule his own lunch break. We set boundaries on how employees could contact him, and implemented a chain of command so that not every decision required his feedback.

Then we reviewed their business priorities. Did it really matter to the business how many “Likes” they were getting on Facebook? Could they directly track sales from participation in social media? No, they replied, and so I had them table this project for a month. No new resources would be devoted to it, and Hank was no longer permitted to put any of his time or energy into meetings about social media. “Just make sure you have a team member from your Customer Satisfaction Department answering any questions that come up on those sites and leave it at that,” I instructed.

We made similar adjustments to other non-essential projects that somehow Hank and his team had gotten mired into. It’s really amazing how a successful business can spin out of control when it starts chasing every shiny new object.

Hank was slowly getting it. We systematized his day and freed up his time and energy. Next, I pointed out that they’ve never hired anyone smarter than them in their company and that all this stress was from trying to do everything himself. I challenged them to stop adding many junior team members and instead focus on finding a senior team member to help in the areas of finance or marketing. This would be another big step in freeing up Hank’s time and energy.

As we came to the top of the hour and time to wrap up our call, I gave them their marching orders.

First, Sally and Hank would map out the top three to five priorities in their business. Fortunately, it was clear for Sally and Hank where their true priorities were.

Second, they’d identify the top key employee that they needed to add. This one key hire should make a huge difference in their business.

Finally, I recommended Sally and Hank improve top-down communication within their team through a weekly team e-mail newsletter (much like the one I write to our Early To Rise team every Wednesday afternoon). The team newsletter will explain the company’s vision, monitor the company’s progress, and recognize employees that go above and beyond the call of duty. It will even highlight – rather than hiding – areas of concern in the business.

By implementing a weekly message to their team, Hank will further reduce the amount of drama amongst his team. Much of the stress and pressure in many work places can be avoided with greater transparency from the top down. Junior team members need to know where the company is heading, and why decisions are being made. No one wants to be left in the dark.

Furthermore, by showing the team where it is going and even where it is hurting, it will bring out the best in their ability. Just as I want to help Hank and Sally, so do their employees. At the end of the day, people want to help people. If their employees knew what Sally and Hank needed, they’d go out of their way to deliver it.

People want to help people. We are driven to do this. It makes us feel good. As my of favorite virtual mentors, Frank McKinney once said, “You cannot brighten another person’s path without lighting your own.”

The secret to success in life is that simple. Help others. Add value to their life.

Success through Helping Others

Success through Helping Others

As Corey Anton writes in his book, Sources of Significance, “People need to sense that they have not squandered nor trivialized the very gift of their lives. They need to believe that they have something to give as well as feel that they have, in fact, adequately given. People’s lives gain significance not by being provided for nor by securing material comforts, but rather, when individuals are called to sacrifice self and talents for something beautiful, grand, or noble.”

Or more simply, as our mentor Zig Ziglar taught us, “You’ll get all that you want in life if you help others get what they want.”

You see, it’s not all about us. It never was. It never will be. It’s about helping others. When I let myself get absorbed in my schedule, my inconveniences, and my happiness, the chase for satisfaction became elusive. It wasn’t until I concentrated on helping others, on adding value to the world, on solving problems, and clearly communicating solutions to other people, that I found what I was looking for.

It was a golden hour. Sally and Hank experienced big breakthroughs. We delivered clarity to their future, and most important, we helped alleviate the stress and strain that had been wearing down Hank. And it also brightened my day.

Helping them helped me.

As the call ended and I stepped out of my car to run yet another errand, the clouds parted and a warm ray of spring sunshine fell down upon me. I rushed to my next appointment with a smile on my face, one that stayed there for the rest of the afternoon, and even the remainder of the week. Helping others helped me. It works every time.

And that will work for you too. It’s so easy. Just help as many people as you can. Start today.

Craig Ballantyne
Craig Ballantyne is the author of Financial Independence Monthly, a complete blueprint to helping you take control of your financial future with a web-based business that you can operate from anywhere in the world – including a coffee shop, your kitchen table, or anywhere around the world where there is Internet access. Discover how you can achieve the American Dream and your financial independence here. You’ve never seen anything like this before.


Helping Someone in their Time of Need

Helping Someone in their Time of Need

More Productive in Less Time ~ Enjoy Life More !

Enjoy Living More ~

Enjoy Living More ~

Hi Folks,

Today I want to share some productivity tips that will help you get 8 hours of work done in 4 hours.

If you’re like most people, then you probably only get a few hours of impactful work done in an 8-hour period.

Do you ever spend your day in an unproductive state of constant distractions…

…jumping from one task to another…

…with your email inbox open and constantly interrupting you…

And then, you look up and the day is over.

And you d didn’t even get the most important stuff done.

Have you ever experienced this?

I sure have.

Let’s look at some strategies that have really helped me super-charge my productivity (in addition to the “eating that frog” strategy that I’ve discussed in several lessons).

By using these strategies, I now get more done in 4 hours than I used to get done in 12.

Start using a countdown timer.

Whenever I’m really trying to focus on a critical project, I set a countdown timer for 60 minutes, and then work on that project without any distractions during that period.

I find that using a timer is a very effective strategy…

…because when you see the timer counting down and you have committed to yourself that you are going to focus, you end up accomplishing amazing things during that specific focus period.

Once the timer goes off, you can either take a break, or re-set it for another focused period.

I generally use an egg timer or the timer on my computer (use it to time productivity time  AND exercise time ;).

But there are other types of timers you can use too, such as a timer on your iPhone or mobile device.

You can use whatever type you prefer.

Still….Highly recommend that you give this strategy a try.

Limit your email and voice mail to specific times during the day.

If you keep your email open all day long, you will constantly be distracted with reading and responding to messages.

It is far more productive to just check your email one or two times per day, and to keep it closed during the other times.

This strategy alone has doubled my personal productivity.


In addition to limiting the times each day when you check email, you can also use autoresponders to let people know exactly when they should expect to hear from you.

If you are out on vacation, for example, set an autoresponder to let people know that you will not get back to them until the date you return.

You can also use autoresponders to let people know what times of the day you generally respond to emails, so you don’t worry about them thinking you are unresponsive if they haven’t heard from you in an hour or two.

You can even put instructions on ways they can help address their own issue independently of you, such as to call your assistant, visit a certain web site to schedule time on your calendar, etc.

Autoresponders can be a fantastic tool for managing the expectations of people you work with, so you can spend more time being super-productive instead of getting lost in your inbox all day.

Review these 3 productivity tips again.

See which ones you can implement for yourself.

Here’s to being Boundrylessly Productive to Enjoy more of Life

Enjoy More of Life by being Productive Like Me !!

Enjoy More of Life by being Productive Like Me !!

Have you Discovered your True Calling ?!



Hi Folks,

Was reading a great post that wanted to share with you.

Are you enjoying Living your Dreams?!

Here’s how….by an inspiring man ….. Brian Tracy.

This post is unedited and is Brian’s original post….hope it helps you too !

How to Find Your True Calling

By Brian Tracy

Your success in life will be largely determined by your ability to find your true calling, the right work for you to do, and then putting your whole heart into doing it very well.

The happiest people are those who have carefully thought through who they are, what they want, where they are going, and then decided exactly what they need to do to get to their goal. Asking yourself five targeted questions can help you home in on whatever path is right for you.

#1: What do I do easily and well?

When you are seeking your true calling, you must look at the activities that have always been easy for you but which have been difficult for others. Often, you will get comments and compliments on how well you do a particular task. You will be surprised when you hear those remarks, because you never even thought about it that much. It just seemed natural for you from the very beginning.

My daughter is a natural and spontaneous little actress. From the time she was three or four years old, she has memorized lines and acted in every school play and function that has ever come up. In fact, by the time she was six, she was memorizing every line in the school play, not only her own but the lines of every other child. When the other children forgot their lines, Christina would whisper them and keep the play on track.

When Christina was 11 years old, she appeared at a city council meeting and gave a speech in favor of a permit allowing her school to expand. She stood up at the meeting, on a chair, in front of 150 adults, and gave an impassioned little talk. As a result, the permit was granted – and Christina was on the front page of two newspapers the following day.

#2: What are the things that I have done in life that have been most responsible for my success?

In looking back over your work and your activities, what are the things you have done that have given you the greatest rewards and satisfaction? If you work for a company, what are the activities you have engaged in that have achieved the very best results for yourself and your company? Your previous success experiences are signposts pointing to the sort of things that you should be doing more and more of if you want to deploy yourself more fully for greater happiness and satisfaction in life.

#3: What would I do differently, knowing what I know now?

Is there anything that you are currently doing that you wouldn’t start up again if you had to do it over? Is there any relationship that you are in that you wouldn’t get into if you could make the choice today? Is there any job or part of any job that you are doing that you would not embark upon, knowing what you now know, if you had to do it over?

As many as 95 percent of people working today are under-employed, not working to their full capacity for themselves and their companies. Only 5 percent, when interviewed, will say that they are working fully extended at their current job. Only 5 percent feel that their entire potential is being consumed and that they are working on the outer edge of their abilities. These people also tend to be the happiest, the highest paid, and the most fulfilled in any organization or enterprise.

#4: What work would I choose to do if I won a million dollars, cash, in the lottery tomorrow?

This is a question I sometimes ask my seminar audiences. When you hear this question, your gut reaction is a good indicator of where you are today and possibly where you should be going in the future. Most people, when they think of winning a million dollars, think of quitting their current job and doing something else. There is nothing wrong with that. Since most people have backed into their current jobs, taking them because they just happened to be there at the time a job was needed, most people probably should be doing something else.

Napoleon Hill once said the key to success in America is to find out what you really enjoy doing, and then find a way to make a good living at it. What do you most love to do?

Successful people don’t feel like they work at all. They are doing what they love to do, and they are so busy doing it that their work becomes their play. Their work life and their personal life blends together like a hand fitting neatly into a glove. There is no separation. They are totally committed individuals who are accomplishing far more in a shorter period of time than the average person who is merely going through the motions.

#5: If I were absolutely guaranteed tremendous success in any job I chose, what field would I go into?

One of the major reasons people hold themselves back from doing what they are truly meant to do is that they are afraid they will fail in some way. And being afraid that you will fail is the surest guarantor that you will fail.

But what if you are absolutely guaranteed success in any field you choose? What would it be? What would you want to do if you had unlimited time, unlimited resources, and guaranteed success?

The answer to that question should cause you to tingle a little bit. It should make your stomach flutter. It should send a thrill of excitement and anticipation through you that tells you this is the job you should be doing.

Asking and answering the above five questions can change your life.

You have within you talents and abilities so vast that you could never use them all if you lived to be a thousand. You have natural skills and talents that can enable you to overcome any obstacle and achieve any goal you could ever set for yourself. There are no limits on what you can be, have, or do if you find your true calling.

When you become one of the few people who are doing what they love to do, who are totally absorbed in doing something they really care about, you will make more progress in a couple of years than the average wage slave makes in five or 10 years. You will come to the attention of people who can help you and open doors for you. You will be happy and fulfilled in both your work and your personal relationships. You will have more energy, enthusiasm, and creativity. You will unlock your true potential, and your future will become unlimited.

[Ed. Note. Brian Tracy has accumulated over four decades of studying the success habits of successful people. He has then taken these practices to train groups, both individual and large corporations what is necessary to make personal success simple. He has offered his guidance as one of the ETR Transformation Contest experts, find out about Brian Tracy and his expertise here.]

Here’s to Living the Life of your Dreams ~ Boundrylessly !!

Live the Life of Your Dreams !!

Live the Life of Your Dreams !!

4 Easy Ways to Overcome Stress

Entering a Stress Free Zone

Entering a Stress Free Zone

Hi Folks,
Recently enjoyed learning from a wonderful person some strategies in overcoming stress that are easy to apply.
Here is a reprint of that story with link at the bottom for your reference.

How often do you wake up in the morning and dread the day ahead of you because your schedule is simply packed full of meetings, deadlines and things that only you can get done? You may even wonder how you can possibly squeeze anything else into your schedule.

So as you drive to work, you begin to organize the tasks you need to get done for the day in your mind. But then the unexpected happens when you arrive to work. Your whole day is now turned upside down.

Your pre-scheduled meetings have been rearranged and changed to different times now throughout the day due to conflicts, project deadlines have been pushed up, and key personnel are out sick. Your stress level has now just increased ten-fold.

It may seem that there’s nothing you can do about your stress level. But that is not the case. You actually have a lot more control than you may think.

So, let’s look at four strategies you can use to control your stress level in the workplace.

Strategy 1: Create A Stress Inventory

First, start by creating a stress inventory. For example, write down the situations, tasks, and events that caused you to feel stressed. Then describe your reaction to each. Did you feel frustrated, angry, or nervous?

Next, sit down and review your stress inventory. Choose one situation that you want to improve upon. Identify the problem and then come up with ways to resolve it.

For example, if you need to leave work early to pick up your children from school, then come to the office earlier, take work home to catch up on, or delegate tasks to others to get more done. The best way of coping with stress is to try to find a way to change the circumstances that are causing it.

Strategy 2: Delegate Tasks To Others

You should delegate things to others every time you have the opportunity. As a business owner, you tend to be a perfectionist, so this is often a difficult task to accomplish. The hard part to overcome is the fact that the other person may not do the task as well as you could do it yourself.

If you can delegate certain tasks to others that they can get 80% right, could you make it right in less time than it would have taken you to do it yourself from scratch? Or, is this the type of task that 80% right is acceptable so it doesn’t really matter anyway. In either situation, if the answer is yes, then that task SHOULD be delegated.

The point is “just do it.” If you don’t delegate, you will never have time to do the critical things that “only you” can do. You need to allow others to complete tasks for you.

Strategy 3: Accept The Unavoidable

Some sources of stress are unavoidable. You simply cannot prevent them or even change them. In these situations, you are forced to accept things as they are.

As a business owner, accepting what you cannot change is often times very difficult to swallow. You want to always be in the control … and, if you are not, your stress level increases.

So, rather than stressing yourself out over what you cannot control, take charge and accept what you cannot change. Focus on how to solve the problem and not the problem itself. By doing this, you will reduce your stress, while at the same time become more productive.

Strategy 4: Change Your Focus

Another way to reduce your stress meter is to change your focus and stay positive. As they say, “everything has a silver lining.”

When you focus your time and energy on being positive, your stress level will decrease. All your positive energy begins to work in a forward direction. By simply changing your focus, you alter the situation.

The way you can do this is by looking at the big picture.  When you stop and put everything into perspective, is it really worth the stress?  Will the problem you are currently worried about even matter next week, in a month or even next year? In most cases, it doesn’t   But either way, you can still adapt or even dismiss whatever is causing your stress and move on. It’s not worth letting the stress get you down when that just takes your energy away from solving the problem.

You have the ability to control and manipulate the amount of stress that you place upon yourself, even if it seems overwhelming at times. Just stay focused on everything that is positive in your life and on solving the challenges that are in front of you.  And keep charging ahead no matter what roadblocks are thrown in your way.

Note. Denise Gosnell is the CEO and Editor of ThrivingBusiness.com Inc.  ThrivingBusiness.com offers various free and paid training programs to help people start and grow their own businesses, while having a thriving life. Click here to learn more.]


Encourage anyone interested in enjoying starting your own business to contact Denise !  🙂


Here’s to living a Boundrylessly Stress free life !!  🙂

Stress Free .... Yes.....You CAN do It  ;)

Stress Free …. Yes…..You CAN do It 😉

The Power of Choice !!

Enjoy the little things

Enjoy the little things

Hi folks,

Wanted to share a little about something amazing……

It’s called Choice.

Truly an amazing word.

Why you may ask….

Well, let’s start with a quote, then read on 😉

Life is not a matter of chance…it is a matter of choice.” ― Ka

24 hours. Every day we get them. And every day we use them. Sometimes we use them wisely: creating, exercising, resting, cooking, eating. Other times, the hours are wasted: mindless Internet surfing, watching too much television, worrying, or oversleeping. But every single day, the hours are always used. This is the very nature of time. There is not “more” use of time, only “better.”

This is also the very nature of money. Our finances are always used somewhere. They may be directed towards the house payment, the grocery bill, the student loan, the savings account, or others, but our money is always spent somewhere. There is not “more” use of money, only “better.”

I have found the idea of … not getting more, but instead getting better,,,is true for many important resources: money, time, energy, focus, mental capacity, relationships. Understanding this truth and embracing it becomes an important principle in living a thoughtful and intentional life. Life is, after all, the sum of our choices. And often times, the choice isn’t more, but better.

Recognizing that positive change is not a matter of choosing more, but choosing better is a powerful motivator.

There is freedom to be found in it.

It is a powerful and inspiring shift in our thinking. Consider these practical examples:


I used to think I didn’t have enough time to exercise. But when I made an intentional commitment to begin exercising regularly and add it into my schedule, the use of my time began to change. There were not extra hours in the day, there was only a redirection of them. As a result, I began to spend less time watching television. Exercise was not a use of more time, it was better use of my existing time.


Similarly with money, I used to think there was never enough. But as we began our journey towards minimalism, we soon discovered we had more money available than ever before. Not because we were making more, but because we were spending less at the store. Suddenly, we were able to redirect more finances towards saving, giving, and creating memorable experiences. We did not spend more of our money, we spent it better.


As positive changes began taking place in my home and life, I felt drawn to eat better. As a result, I began learning how to cook and enjoy healthier foods and meals. Junk food was being replaced with fruits and vegetables and chicken and fish. I didn’t add food to my diet, I changed the food in my diet. Not more, better quality.


Often times, one of the greatest changes we can embrace in our lives is learning where to place our focus. When I began to intentionally choose to meditate on the positives in my life rather than the negatives, I opened my heart to gratitude, contentment, and joy. This was not a result of more focus, but better focus.


Similarly, whether we choose to spend our time with ourselves, positive influences, or negative influences, our relationships are always directed somewhere. These voices we allow into our lives impact us greatly. When I work to choose positive relationships that inspire me to contribute value to this world, it naturally changes who I spend my time with. Again, not more relationships, better relationships.

There are, of course, some elements of life that are not finite. Our capacity for love, hope, and joy will always grow as we discover more and more places to find them. But often times, this growth is not a result of choosing “more” for our lives, but choosing “better.”

So here’s to living a Boundryless Life ….by Choice !!

Enjoy the power of choice....Chose to relax AND Enjoy the Present Moment !

Enjoy the power of choice….Chose to relax AND Enjoy the Present Moment !

The Gateway to Growth in the New Year Part 1

Peaceful ~ Purposeful ~ Meditation

Peaceful ~ Purposeful ~ Meditation

Hi Folks,

Well, hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful holiday and is ready to enjoy new Personal Growth this new year !

This is first in a series of posts on Personal Growth that hope you enjoy and share your thoughts on.

Let’s Go !!

First Gate is to realize no matter skilled, or even the level of your intelligence you may possess it is in actuality the level that you still hold onto self-doubt of your worth that you are in reality self-sabotaging your own efforts in Life, even relationships and goals.

You need to daily each morning open up to a Boundryless life through believing … You ARE Wonderous and Deserving !! 

So begin each morning after waking, take 3 slooooow deeeeep breaths feeling the air from your head to your  toes ….

Bringing in energy ~ Potential to Accomplish whatever you need !!

Then remember ….

Visualize ~ Verbalize ~ Actualize !!!

Hope this will help you in enjoying Growing and Succeeding in this New Year Folks!!

Stay Tuned for Part 2 coming up ~

Here’s to Living a Boundryless New Year !!

Be You ~ Achieve Your Potential !!

Be You ~ Achieve Your Potential !!

A little of This and a little of That !

Take 5 for Happiness AND Health too !

Take 5 for Happiness AND Health too !

Hey Folks,

Probably have you wondering about the title.

Well, over the weekend some friends stopped over whom haven’t seen in ages.

We got to talking about a variety of things (as usual  😉

Thought would share some of it with you … while hoping it will help you in your week too !!  😉

The topic come up on how it seems so many health tips either seem too time consuming or too complex.

If you feel that way, then you’ll enjoy this story.

Five for Five ~

Here’s a pleasant little pastime that takes about 5 minutes to do each day but could make you up to 5 years younger if you’re faithful to it: drinking tea.

In a Chinese study, the cells of enthusiastic tea drinkers showed about 5 fewer years’ worth of wear and tear compared with the cells of people who drank little tea.

Age Marker
The enthusiastic tea drinkers averaged 3 or more cups of green or oolong tea daily, while the group that showed more signs of cell aging averaged less than a cup. The researchers looked specifically at the study participants’ telomeres to see how much their cells had aged. Telomeres are the protective end caps on your DNA strands. They get a smidge shorter every time cells divide, so the shorter these caps are, the older your cells are, too. And in the study, the most avid tea drinkers had significantly longer telomeres than the people who drank less than a cup a day.

Wow!!  Enough science lesson ~ Let’s all take 5 for a refreshingly healthy cup of tea !!

Another topic came up from one of my old (don’t tell I said that 😉    college buddy’s idea’s on how to help his inflamation he’s been having a problem with. His wife has tried store bought remedies with no luck.

Here’s another Power of 5 tips for ya ~

Check out this list of five tasty foods that might help you breathe easier by quelling inflammation:

Salmon: Fatty coldwater fish like salmon are packed with eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), two super-healthful omega-3 fatty acids that may reduce the risk of allergies. Trout and tuna are good sources, too. If you’re not a fan of fish, opt for nuts and seeds instead. They contain alpha-linolenic acid, another type of omega-3 fatty acid.

Grape juice: Grape juice is a good source of resveratrol, an antioxidant compound that seemed to reduce asthma inflammation in animal studies. Red wine is an even richer source of resveratrol, but keep in mind that alcohol may make nasal allergy symptoms worse for some people. Snacking on red grapes, blueberries, and peanuts is another way to get more resveratrol into your diet.

Beans: Legumes are an extra-healthful source of protein. Even better? Beans are loaded with folate. In a study, this B vitamin appeared to reduce the intensity of immune system reactions to common allergens. And using beans in place of red meat may do your allergies even more favors. Research shows that red meat may enhance inflammation, so cutting back could be good news for your symptoms.

Apples: One a day just might help keep your allergy symptoms away. How? It’s the quercetin in apples that may do the trick. Quercetin is a flavonoid thought to curb the production of histamine and help cool inflammation — two culprits that play a role in allergic responses.

Yogurt: Add the low-fat variety of this creamy dairy food to your antiallergy menu. Why? Because yogurt contains loads of probiotics — those good-for-your-gut bacteria. In a study, probiotics lowered levels of an immune substance known to fire up allergy symptoms.

Carrots: A colorful diet is a healthful diet. But some studies suggest that brightly hued orange, yellow, and red produce may help with allergies because they’re brimming with cartoneoids — compounds thought to have an allergy-quelling effect.

To kinda sum things up for you folks…. eating a variety of fresh, healthful foods will boost the antioxidants and other inflammation-quelling compounds in your diet. At the same time, consider cutting back on foods that are thought to stoke inflammation — like refined grains, red and cured meats, alcohol, and foods high in saturated fat and sugar. All of this could mean good news for your allergies. Changing your diet shouldn’t take the place of other proven allergy-control measures, like avoiding your triggers and taking your medication as prescribed. But it’s great to have the potential option of enhancing your allergy-control efforts with smart diet choices.

So take FIVE and Enjoy a Boundryless Life !!

Living Boundrylessly with Effortless Concentrated Awareness ~

Hi Folks,

~ Effortless ~ Thoughtfully ~ Living each Moment ~

~ Effortless ~ Thoughtfully ~ Living each Moment ~

Here’s a little something to ponder while daydreaming wishing you were out of the office, or elsewhere…

Be inspired by the heroic ideal of having Concentrated Awareness ~

Through the thoughts, images and dreams, yes even day dreams !!

Through your words that painting your thoughts as you speak ~

To your actions that enliven them ….

Be IN the moment ~ HERE ~ NOW !!

Do this through paying attention, allow it to become more effortless, almost like play,
to staying alert.

For ~ Nothing Doesn’t Matter !!

Living Boundrylessly…..Living Passionately!!!

Passionately living Boundrylessly!!!

Passionately living Boundrylessly!!!

Something to share….

“A Step by Step Action Guide to Activate

The Law of Attraction in Your Life (to

Manifest Every Single Thing You Want)”

Develop a success mindset that can be applied to anything

you want to achieve in life.  It is with this mindset that you’ll

be able to call upon the forces of the Universe to help you attract

what you want in life.

With time you will develop focus and courage to reach ever higher levels of success – even

if you have never been successful at anything before.

Remember the old saying “When the Student is Ready, the Teacher

Appears”? Well, this is why you are here. You attracted this

to you, and we’ll do our best to help you.

Contrary to what you may have been taught about success, it is

mostly a process that begins, evolves, and ends in your own mind.

It is an inside job, so to say.

While outer circumstances unquestionably have an impact on your

life, success is not so much about “what” you do, but HOW you feel

about it and HOW you do things based on those feelings.

If you begin by having an open mind, you’ll change your thoughts,

and your feelings will start changing as well. These feelings will

act as your guide to do things in a certain way.

In turn, your actions will be more focused and your results will be

in line with what you want. Changing your thoughts consciously will

help change your attitude as well.

As a result of this, your vibrations raise and become your fuel to

reach out and help the universe help you. This is how you start

activating The Law of Attraction in your life.

Get Crystal Clear about What You Want


Let’s start by figuring out what exactly you want to be successful

at.  You may be thinking that it doesn’t matter which path you

choose. You just want to be successful no matter what. I know this

is how I felt at first. I like so many things that I thought I

could be successful at anything.

If you are like me, you’re not completely off the mark with that

belief, but I’ll help you determine what you can succeed at with

more ease and speed, while feeling happy and totally fulfilled.

In fact, yes, it is possible to become successful at nearly

anything you do. You may know people that seem to have the

Midas Touch… practically everything they do is a roaring success.

You may know of a person that seems to effortlessly attract amazing

opportunities, while you just watch from the sidelines. Or you have

a friend who has no trouble making loads of money, while you agonize

over paying your bills and cover your basic needs. And even your

next door neighbor has a genuine zest for life, while you feel

lost and confused much of the time.

How do they do it?  What do they have that you don’t?

The answer may surprise you !!


They are activating The Law of Attraction constantly

because they know who they are and what they really want!

Even though you and I know that in theory it’s possible to become

successful at anything, it is MUCH MORE LIKELY for you to become

successful at something you truly ENJOY and FEEL passionate about.

This is where the feelings we were taking about earlier come into

play, and this is exactly how the Law of Attraction starts working

for you.

Successful people in life have developed a strong relationship

with themselves. They have learned to trust themselves. They

believe they can achieve whatever goal they put their minds into.

They become very clear about their passions in life. Then, they

make a conscious choice to follow those passions with enthusiasm.

Their feelings dictate their daily actions and the vibrations they

emanate activate The Law of Attraction in their lives. They don’t

have to force themselves to work on their goals each day.  They

look forward to it because they are happy!

The results speak for themselves.  These people AUTOMATICALLY

attract lucrative opportunities, wealth, and a constant flow of

passionate endeavors to dive into.  It doesn’t seem like work to

them because they are having the time of their lives!

Take a moment to review some of your past endeavors right now.

What goals have you set in the past, and how did they turn out?

Were you successful? And most importantly… How did you feel

about your accomplishments?

Do you remember working toward something that wasn’t right for you

just because someone else was achieving success doing that very

thing?  Did you let your parents or teachers talk you into a

certain career because it paid well or offered “job security”?

How did it turn out for you?

You may notice something important as you complete your review…

Even if you were able to achieve a certain level of success at

something, it didn’t matter if you weren’t happy doing it!

Sadly, this type of success won’t last long as it won’t hold

meaning for you. How many unhappy successful people do you know?

There are quite a few out there! Can you call “this” a real success?

It’s NOT All About the Money!


I remember back in the early 1990’s when I obtained my first

high-paying job.  I was thrilled and eager to prove myself as successful. I dove into the job with all I had to give!  I worked hard and made great strides. My supervisor

was definitely impressed.

But within a few short months, I started feeling miserable.  The

job had become a supreme bore and I had to force myself to show up

for work each day.  In no time at all, I realized that the money I

was earning couldn’t justify the sense of emptiness and frustration

I endured on a daily basis.  It just wasn’t worth it!

Perhaps you’ve had a similar experience?  If so, you’ve quickly

realized that money is nothing more than the icing on the cake.

Living a fulfilled life is about achieving balance, not just about

the money.


The True Essence of Success is Doing what You LOVE.

LOVE is the greatest Attracting Force of the Universe.

When You do what You Love, You Activate the Law of Attraction.

Prosperity is a Naturally-Occurring BENEFIT.


If you want to be successful, take some time to get to know

yourself.  Figure out what makes you tick, what you really feel

passionate about.  Don’t look only at the activities themselves,

but the underlying essence of what they involve.

Let’s say that you have a love for sports, but you’re not really

sure why.  Look at the various aspects of sports-related activities

and consider which of them appeal to you most.

Do you love the thrill of competition, the challenge of strategy,

or the spirit of teamwork? Perhaps you love the sense of

accomplishment that results from honing your mind and body into

a fierce athletic machine?

When you understand what you feel passionate about, what you really

want, and WHY you want it, you will be heading in the right


This is how you start the motion that feeds the cycle of abundance

to infinity… when you feel passionate about what you do, you feel

delighted doing meaningful work, you feel proud of yourself, you

believe in yourself, you do a great job, you are happy, you attract

more of the same, you become a success!

Take some time TODAY and figure out what your passion is. Do not

postpone it or procrastinate. This is the very first step towards

achievement of your dreams. This step is a must.

Start by asking yourself this question and let your creative juices

flow… If I had all the money needed to live a life of comfort…

what would I be doing to fill my life with happiness?

The next important step is to plot your course and plan your

strategy, which we will cover in detail tomorrow.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful story Tamara Baruhovich !!!

Enjoy the Boundryless journey toward clearly defining Your Passions!

Remember Living Boundrylessly is truly Living your Passion!!!