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Getting the most out of your Coffee


enjoying coffee AFTER studying

enjoying coffee AFTER studying

Hi Folks,

Have found that when preparing for a busy day, it’s hard to beat a nice warm cup of java, coffee.

But, if you are like me, wondering, when is that BEST time to enjoy your coffee to get the most benefits.

Hope this helps …

In the past, researchers thought they had proved that coffee doesn’t improve memory. Turns out, coffee can improve your memory. But you have to drink it at the right time.

Experiments on coffee drinkers have traditionally focused on how well people perform on memory tasks after having a cup or two of coffee. And the scientists found zilch. But researchers at Johns Hopkins University have discovered that if you drink coffee (or some other caffeinated beverage) after a memory task, not necessarily before, it does, in fact, strengthen memory.

“We’ve always known that caffeine has cognitive-enhancing effects, but its particular effects on strengthening memories and making them resistant to forgetting has never been examined in detail in humans,” says researcher Michael Yassa.

The new wrinkle in Yassa’s research is the fact that his team of scientists administered 200 milligrams of caffeine to people five minutes after they studied and began to memorize a series of images. (That’s the amount of caffeine found in about two cups of coffee.)

“Almost all prior studies administered caffeine before the study session, so if there is an enhancement, it’s not clear if it’s due to caffeine’s effects on attention, vigilance, focus or other factors. By administering caffeine after the experiment, we rule out all of these effects and make sure that if there is an enhancement, it’s due to memory and nothing else,” said Yassa.

Here’s to a Healthy Productive Boundryless week while enjoying that coffee too !

Enjoy that after study coffee AND the cup too !

Enjoy that after study coffee AND the cup too !


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The Amazing Power of being Positive !

Hi Folks,

Read this recently and wanted to share with you the power of Positive Attitude ~

Have included the article in its entirety…

Sam Cawthorn’s near-death experience transformed his life, now he teaches others to do the same


Sam Cawthorn's near-death experience transformed his life.

Sam Cawthorn’s near-death experience transformed his life. Source: Supplied

THERE was a loud bang. The next thing Sam Cawthorn remembers is the looks on the faces of people hovering around his broken body, lying in the middle of the road.
“Their eyes were taking in my crumbled leg and my arm that was smashed to pieces and their faces said: ‘This guy’s not going to make it’,” he said.

Mr Cawthorn had fallen asleep at the wheel before crashing into a semi-trailer in a combined speed of 206km/h.

He was pronounced clinically dead by paramedics for three minutes. Hours later, Mr Cawthorn said he woke on life support in a Tasmanian hospital room.

“I suddenly realised that I was alive. If things had turned out differently, I could have been jelly,” he said.

The doctors said they were amazed by Mr Cawthorn’s recovery.

“They described it as a miracle. And that got me wondering about the difference in psychology between someone who survives a crisis like that and someone who does not,” he said.



Amazingly, Sam Cawthorn survived this car crash.

Amazingly, Sam Cawthorn survived this car crash. Source: Supplied


The difference, as it turns out, was an ability to tap into the positive – and rather than dwell in the crisis, embrace whatever happens to you as an opportunity for growth, Mr Cawthorn said.

“It’s our decision, not our condition that determines our happiness and success in life,” he said.

As his body began the gruelling road to recovery, Mr Cawthorn began to think that he could apply these same lessons to life in the business world.

That may seems a surprising assertion from a man living with a prosthetic arm and chronic phantom pain – but then, that’s all part of his philosophy.

“Everyone has a crisis, it doesn’t matter what or how it occurs, but there is a formula for overcoming it,” he said.

“Before the accident I was a very motivated person, but I had no real direction. Now I see everything differently. I am more grateful for everything and I focus on going forward,” he said.

This is Mr Cawthorn’s advice:

• Connect to your ‘why’: Spend time figuring out why you’re doing what you’re doing with your life. Most people spend more time planning a holiday than they do their lives.
• Be strategic: Seek to maximise every opportunity, no matter how obscure or unlikely.

• Take stock of your relationships: In other words, the people with whom we spend most of our time have the biggest influence on our lives. Associate with people who are positive and you will reap the rewards.

• Leverage happiness: Deciding to be happy is a conscious choice, one that you have to make every single day. No matter what happens, make the most of the situation.

• Focus on ‘bouncing forward’: Don’t look back and try and be someone you used to be, always look to the future. “Looking back on my own experience, I still would not change what happened to me. I am a better version of me because of it,” he said.

The incredible life lessons that emerged from Sam’s extraordinary experience have been documented in his new book ‘Bounce Forward: How to Transform Crisis into Success’.
Purchase a copy or to find out more on Sam Cawthorn.

Read more: http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/health-fitness/sam-cawthorn8217s-neardeath-experience-transformed-his-life-now-he-teaches-others-to-do-the-same/story-fniym874-1226698347012#ixzz2cJfNHsJQ
Read more: http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/health-fitness/sam-cawthorn8217s-neardeath-experience-transformed-his-life-now-he-teaches-others-to-do-the-same/story-fniym874-1226698347012#ixzz2cJfCkD8i


Here’s to Living a Positively Empowered Boundryless Life !!  😀

Enter the Fifth Gate of Taming Your Mind for Power ~

Power of Positive !

Power of Positive !

Hi folks,

Want to say a big Thanks to those who have liked and supported the recent articles ~ You ARE Appreciated !!

Time to enter the Gateway of Personal Growth ~ Our Fifth Gateway takes us to an Amazing world……

When you hear tame…

What do you think of …..

How about Taming of the Mind?

How about this… Taming as focusing the Mind ~ Different image now?

As we clear our mind,

we can perceive reality simply …

As it Is ~

Folks, it is common to see the world through filters of our belief, opinions, as well as intrepretation.


How do you beliefs Shape Your Experiences !!

The reflection of your mind..

Here’s a real world story on the Power of the Mind …. AND why to focus in a Postie on Your Goals !

A real man called Mr. Wright was suffering from lymphatic cancer. His lymph nodes were swollen to the size of oranges, while his spleen as well as his liver had become so enlarged that two quarts of milky fluid were daily drained from them. The doctors felt they had done everything medically possible (for the mid 1950s) for Mr. Wright. They told him to put things in order since he will most likely not survive much longer.

Shortly after this Mr. Wright heard of an experimental drug for cancer being used on patients who had around a three month life expectancy. Wright pleaded with his doctor to administer this drug to him, and finally the doctor agreed not making any promises to Wright.

According to the doctor’s report Wright wasn’t expected to live through the weekend.


Unbelievably, on the following Monday, less than 72 hours after receiving the drug, Wright was walking around feeling on top of the world in health. The tumors, according to the report had “melted like snowballs on a hot stove.” Ten days his first Krebiozen injection, Mr. Wright went home from the hospital, being determined by the doctors to be cancer free!!

Unfortunately, months later the American Medical Association published a nationwide study on  that flatly stated it was of no value in treating cancer. Mr. Wright read this study, believed it, and his cancer returned. Just two days later…. He died !

So what happened to him ~ he had been told by doctors he was cured of his cancer.

What went wrong?

Mr. Wright used the Power of his Focused (Tamed) mind to believe that the experimental drug WILL cure him and that’s why he survived thus far. Then, Wright attached his emotions (Energy in Motion) and intellect (Tame ~ Focused mind) on the belief the drug WILL cure him so his body obeyed.

Who knows if Wright had not read the study which negated his positive belief.

The point ~ Whatever you believe about yourself, intellectually as well as emotionally, WILL determine who and what you become physically ~ spiritually too !!

THIS is the reason you should guard your thoughts, words, actions and associations.  You should surround yourself with positive reinforcement in what you see, hear, say, and especially Think so when you … Follow through with Positive Action you’ll attain Positive Results !!


Folks, here’s to you following the Path through the Gateway of Focused Positive Action while living Boundrylessly !!

Power of Positive Thinking ~

Power of Positive Thinking ~

Stay Motivated to Stay the Course !!

Motivation ~ Intention is the key to Success !

Motivation ~ Intention is the key to Success !

Hi Folks,

Been enjoying visiting friends who are celebrating Lunar New Year.
They call it New Year of the Rabbit (there are 12 zodiac animals).

So been enjoying the flexibility of the ED to maximize nutrition, while not worrying or measuring stuff.

What really helps is will practice a motivation tip each of the seven days.

It’s easy….Day 1 ~ Motivation Action plan 1, etc.

It’s important to attach the key word action!!

So it looks like this … Motivation + Action = Success !!!

Never Give Up ~ You CAN Do It !!

Never Give Up ~ You CAN Do It !!

Now here’s some easy cool tips for you ….

YOU Are In Charge of Your Success “Believe it is possible – see it in your mind’s eye – realise your dream and be the way you want to be – starting right now – no excuses – tomorrow never comes you know – stay present in the present and Yes Now!” (Anon) Take action today and be in charge of your destiny and your fat loss programme. No-one else can do it for you – you alone can do it -but there are a lot of great resources available to you today to help you achieve your fat loss goal and keep you on track. Are you ready?

Take time to jot down a plan for your fat loss Planning is a main key to achieving fat loss success. You are much less likely to go off track and return to your old habits if you put in place a weekly meal planner and a set of exercise workouts. All you need to do is take a few minutes each week to set up your weekly meals and activities and you will be amazed at how quickly your body transforms itself.

Support of working with others who want to lose weight and lose body fat, you can learn from their knowledge, commitment, support, and success and as a result push yourself harder than you otherwise would be able to.

Identify Exactly What It Is You Want… This is REALLY important one folks !!

Get real clarity on your fat loss goal;then don’t let anything stand in your way of getting it. By setting specific goals along with deadlines you can then measure your success.

Take one step at a time as the main thing is to take action – sign up to that dance class you fancied doing but have never got round to, set up a menu planner for the month, walk up the stairs instead of taking the lift all the time!

Do it NOW !!! Whether you’re thinking of joining your local aerobics class or pulling out your exercise bike from the cupboard, STOP procrastinating and DO IT now!

Never ever, ever give up !! If you eat something naughty and have gone off your fat loss programme and plan – so what – it’s not the end of world is it, cut your losses and get going again! Don’t let it weigh on your mind and hold you back because it’s only minor damage that can be dealt with. The important thing is to get back on track, immediately. Never, ever, EVER give up. I believe in you and you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

Applying these 7 tips to your fat loss regime, you can achieve the body of your dreams – so what are you waiting for? Believe, Plan, Get started,Keep going and Never give up.


Success is more mental than Physical !

Success is more mental than Physical !

What Motivates You ?!!!

Jack Palance one arm push-ups ~ Desire meets Motivation !!!

Jack Palance one arm push-ups ~ Desire meets Motivation !!!

Jack Palance one arm push-ups ~ Desire meets Motivation !!!
What motivates You !?!

For me…….The power of desire !!!

It CAN be a good thing desire. Desire a healthy fit body, money to travel, etc.

My motivation ~ to learn that Golden Lesson each day. To make my desires real by seeing the image of that desire, then putting the energy of my desire into accomplishing and making it REAL !!
Be it a heavier weight, learning a new language, or whatever desire I feel will make me grow.

For motivation watch these two videos and let me know YOUR motivation and comments Natural Muscle Mass Rockers !!!

Face YOUR Giant and while you Conquer It attain your desire fueled by your motivation !!!!

Remember to Power your Motivation takes Positive Thinking !!!

Listen to what Will Smith has to say about it here :

Keep Going ~ Keep Growing !!!!