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Incidental Exercise How much Should I do to Overcome Sitting all day?

Woman sitting working

“Take a movement break every 30 minutes, say experts. No matter how much you exercise, sitting for excessively long periods of time is a risk factor for early death, a new study published Monday in Annals of Internal Medicine found.”


Fit couple exercising

I didn’t buy into this idea 100%.

It didn’t make sense to me that an intense 60-90 minute exercise session wouldn’t be enough daily exercise to offset sitting.

It turns out that you CAN offset the negative effects of sitting with daily exercise sessions.

Recent research shows that if daily exercise sessions are long enough, you can sit without guilt.

I will discuss this after a quick summer beach break.


couple running on beach


The advice of the “experts” was to either stand while working -or- get up every 30 minutes throughout the day.


I knew this was NOT going to happen for me, so more than anything I was HOPING that these findings were incorrect.


I explored the popular idea of treadmill desks…


…and standing desks.


(Working on a computer while standing seems like some sort of punishment to me.)


Desk Standing


I spent over 10 + years on my feet working in retail and managing a local store.



Enjoying some freshly brewed coffee with colleagues helped but still….


woman enjoying drinking coffee


During the holidays I would work 60 + hours per week, mainly on my feet.


By the end of the workday…


My feet would hurt so much that I would have a slight limp.


I was always jealous of my friends with office jobs.


(Sitting while working still doesn’t even feel like work to me.)


Sexy secretary





Now that I’ve FINALLY earned my chair, I’m not going down without a fight.







Sitting may take my life, but it will never take away my frrreeeedom!





I have nothing against standing desks or treadmill desks.


But asking me to stand all day is like asking a survivor of a shark attack to surf in Port St. Johns in South Africa (world’s deadliest beach for shark attacks).

Port St. Johns in South Africa (world’s deadliest beach for shark attacks) 2


I can’t be the only person with standing PTSD.


So thank goodness for this recent information…


Research Shows That 1 Hour of Moderate Exercise Wipes Out All the Negative Effects of Sitting All Day and if you can get some fresh air it’s even better!


I can hear the women saying but I don’t want to look like a bulky guy!


Healthy FM


This is a metanalysis of 13 prior studies…

Over 1 million people were followed for 2 to 18 years.


The subjects were mostly over the age of 45.


During the study period, 84,600 people died.


Here’s a brief summary of the findings of the study.


People who sat for 8 hours or more and who got less than 5 minutes of exercise per day had a 59% increased risk of early death.


Sitting all day at office


Those who sat for 8 hours, but who exercised for 25-35 minutes per day had about a 30% increased risk of early death.


The people who exercised for 1 hour or more EVERY day were able to eliminate the risks of sitting for more than 8 hours.



That confidence of knowing you’re doing something GOOD for your body.




*If you can’t get in 1 hour of exercise per day, it is recommended that you sit no more than 4 hours per day.


One hour may seem like a lot of exercise per day.




I’ve been pushing my friends and those I know to workout at least 3 days per week along with including daily activities like walking for many years.


Ordinarily, I recommend to my friends for working out, to do activities such as isometrics, bodyweight, or gym sessions at least 3 days a week and staying active on the other days with walking, or something you enjoy doing (in summer it’s biking or swimming for my family).


Good workout


I DO think intensity matters. Enjoy breaking a sweat!


I’m not saying that you need to train all-out for 60-90 minutes.


I think at least a part of the workout should get the heart rate up.


I like to follow my lifting session with about 30 minutes of strategic cardio to accomplish this.



If you do circuit training or CrossFit type of lifting, this works as well.


At the gym



There is also a time element involved.


I don’t believe you can get the same benefits by training “really hard” for 30 minutes.

That could prove to be a deadly shortcut.


I’d even recommend more than 60 minutes per day for people who sit all day or watch a lot of TV.


Not only is daily exercise healthy for you, it will transform your body.

(Yacht bods don’t happen by accident.)


a YB


Our bodies feel and look their best with 1+ hours of exercise per day.



(You were destined to look like a Bond Girl or Bond)


Bond people



Don’t fight against your healthy & sexy destiny … that Bond look can be yours.


Bond look


Being health shows no matter what you wear – a Quite Confidence


So …Is Sitting becoming the New Smoking?


ONLY for those who don’t have a daily exercise routine.


Enjoy life through movement – Become Boundaryless!!


Daily Fit

Enjoy that Summer body ~

Hi Folks,

Just wanted to share what a friend of mine created for us busy men and women who don’t have five or six days a week to live in the gym, but would like to be healthy.

my friend Michael

my friend Michael

Do You Want Big round shoulders, a chiseled chest, bulging biceps, and six pack abs, but too busy to train 5-6 days a week?
Are you scared that you’ll always be stuck with the same weak and skinny body, getting the same average women, while the years continue to go by?

Then you may be an ideal candidate for this program. You can jump ahead to learn more here.

My expertise lies in helping skinny and weak people like you get bigger and stronger, and making yourself more attractive to women.

That’s why I would like you to use my muscle building program Somebody Lied About Muscle so you can get bigger and stronger and start living a life complete with confidence and women.

I know what its like…

Once upon a time, I started out as nothing. I had no muscle and I was weak as a kitten. To top it off, I was 6 foot tall, so add the lankly look to that too. That’s me below:

Michael beginning

Michael beginning

I would get no attention from any of the hot girls, and respect off other men, forget about it. It wasn’t until they got to know my character, that their respect developed. It was horrible feeling that way.

During summer, when it was hot and every guy had their shirt off sporting there big muscles and six pack abs, all I had was bone structure covered by tiny muscles.

Because of this, I absolutely refused to take my shirt off. Instead, I would wear a light jumper to hide my shame. I only took that picture so I could look back on where I started.

And swimming, forget about it.

Like you, I had the dream of having a great physique, making myself instantly more attractive to women and commanding instant respect from other men. I was willing to put in the work to get it.

So I hopped online and googled something like best muscle building program. Hopefully one day my program will pop up.

But anyway, I found a program, and being a naive 16 year old with no knowledge of bodybuilding, I hit the order button.

I read the book over 2 days and got started right away. After 6 months, I looked something like this:

Michael progressing

Michael progressing

Lost my 6 months picture, but this is basically what I looked like

What the hell was going on?

I was meant to be bigger and stronger. I was I guess. But I was only slightly stronger and that wasn’t the body I exactly had in mind. This is what happens when you use conventional routines that aren’t suitable for you.

After that 6 months, I flirted with various other programs. I dieted for a few months then bulked up again.

The net result was that I really didn’t change much.

It wasn’t until I graduated from university that i thought, man I still haven’t achieved my goal after all this time. I decided I would this time around, but I wouldn’t be following anyone else’s program. I have to say, I built a pretty great program.

I now looked like this.

This isn’t his final form

This isn’t his final form

This isn’t my final form
As you can see, I have a pretty decent physique.

Learn more how you can have that summer body, health, all with three to four workouts here.

I now walk around attracting a lot more women, getting a lot more respect off of other men and I now have no fear of taking my top off.

Please understand that the reason I’m sharing this, is not to show off. I only share it to let you know 2 key things:

I understand exactly where you are and what you’re going through
I can show you exactly what it takes to get you to the other side
Because the bottom line is this: I’ve done it. I’ve trained others to do it, (see results here) and I know with every fibre of my soul that if you want this bad enough, you can do it to.



Here are a few of the results you can expect from Somebody Lied About Muscle:
Freedom from the fear, limiting beliefs and overwhelm that’s keeping you stuck from building muscle
Bigger and stronger muscles, which create a more attractive body
Since I take you through the how’s of how the program was made, you get a valuable learning experience
A step-by-step plan of exactly what to do to achieve the results you want
Somebody Lied About Muscle is for you if:
You’re tired of being skinny and weak
You’re either too tired or busy to train 5-6 days a week
You want to gain muscle without all the fat gain
You want to make yourself more attractive to the opposite sex
You want more respect from other men. Important in business.
You have patience. You’re not going to gain 5-10 lbs of muscle each month

Find out more by going here.

Ready for Summer Yet ?



Hi Folks,

SO….. Spring is here – Summer just around the corner.

This reminds me of the beach, swimming, and getting fit.

Here’s a great idea from a friend of mine.

Beach Ready with Total-Six-Pack-Abs-Before-After

Beach Ready with Total-Six-Pack-Abs-Before-After

Go here to learn more.

Know none of us want this kind of 6 pack abs !



Learn more here.

Women can benefit too

Women can benefit too

Here’s some testimonies of people already enjoying their healthier body….

Steve Carlton

Steve Carlton

“Even in my youth I never had abs! The big motivator with TSPA was
that my strength and musculature was improving too. Finally I was
training with intelligence and using science instead of the misguided
diet and training advice I often took from muscle magazines and
When I started TSPA I was 210 pounds (surprise, I gained weight after
prior catabolic exposure to P-90X) and around 20-22% Body fat. It did
take me almost 5 months to achieve my results, however, I only did 6
total sessions of cardio (cardio sucks).
My ” after” pics are of me at 8.5% body fat“.
Steve Carlton. 45 Years Old. From Oroville, Washington, USA.

Click here to get your Summer body now !

Brandi T6PA

Brandi T6PA

TSPA worked great! I was 1.5% body fat
leaner at this competition than the last
one, plus I felt 100 times better. I didn’t
feel exhausted like before. I placed better
than ever! I believe if I had started the
TSPA a few weeks earlier, I’d have won it!
[Ed: Brandi Placed 2nd In This Comp & It
Was The First Time She’d Ever Beaten
Anyone] Another great part is that I didn’t
lose any muscle. All the girls backstage
were complaining about all the fish and
asparagus they’d eaten and I was
bragging about bacon on my bunless
cheeseburger, and the cream in my coffee!
Awesome! They were also dragging from
the twice-a-day cardio sessions, and I was
only doing 12 mins 3 times a week for 2
weeks. AMAZING!!!”

Go here to get that Healthy Great looking Summer body now !

You owe it to the Happier Healthier you. To read more on how you can enjoy a wonderfully healthy body by clicking here.

Maximize your Fitness

Somanabolic Fitness !

Somanabolic Fitness !

Hi folks,

Hope all of you are enjoying a safe and healthy winter.

Well, if you are like most people, you’re thinking ….

Wow, it’s March already….Spring is on it’s way….

and soon to follow …

SUMMER – beaches, swimming, outdoors – Yeah !!

What’s not to like about summer.

But …

Will you be ready …

I mean, will you feel comfortable taking off that shirt,
wearing that bathing suit, guys, gals….. be honest.

Somanabolic is for women too !

Somanabolic is for women too !

If like most people, we’ve probably indulged a little over the holidays and winter 😉

However, don’t worry. For a great guy by the name of Kyle Leon, has found a good way to match the natural type of your body, to help you get fit and ready for summer.

It’s called “The Muscle Maximizer“, and is state of art nutritional software created qualified nutrition expert and fitness trainer Kyle Leon.

To learn more about this plan you can customize to meet YOUR goals, just click here now !
This program gains its edge because unlike many nutrition programs out there its in no way a one size fits all. The software requires a host of personal information, e.g metabolism type, height, age and weight to calculate your optimal diet to gain maximum muscle without any fat.

Muscle Maximizer Software at a glance:

3 Custom nutritional meal plans
Everyday you have three meal plans to choose from that will give you the perfect nutrition for optimum muscle growth and fat loss.

100% Nutrition for your body

You put all you specifics into the software, and it builds a nutritional program for your body,
AND your lifestyle.


Intensive muscle building program … Although this product is marked as a nutritional software first and workout program second, the workouts are top quality and work together with the nutrition program perfectly.

So, if you are tired of those one size fits all workouts. But instead, are looking for a way to lose fat, get toned, or BOTH, then you have found the right plan.

Somanabolic Invertor - Kyle Leon

Somanabolic Invertor – Kyle Leon

To learn more about this and to have the body you WANT for summer, before the price goes up, just click here.