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Using Binaural Beats For Sleep


Using Binaural Beats For Sleep


We’re constantly experimenting on how we can get the best night’s sleep ever. Recently, we’ve been trying binaural beats for sleep and we think this could be the next big thing in sleep hacking.

If you want to experience relaxation, restorative sleep and a reduction in nighttime anxiety without reaching for the medicine cabinet, it’s definitely worth researching the question, do binaural beats work?

We’ve compiled everything that you need to know about binaural beats, where you can get them and whether they might work for you.

So .. What are Binaural Beats?

First things first, you’re probably wondering what on earth binaural beats actually are.

They’re a form of brainwave entrainment that are delivered through audio tracks, that you have to listen to using headphones.

These tracks are composed of two tones of different frequencies, with one tone being heard by one ear and the other tone to the other ear.

The difference in frequency between these two tones creates the illusion of a third tone called the binaural beat. The difference between the tones has to be less than 40 Hz in order to create a binaural beat.

The binaural beat’s frequency is the difference between the initial two tones. So, for instance, if you were listening to an audio track with two tones of 490 Hz and 500 Hz, the binaural beat that you would hear would be 10 Hz.

This 10 Hz frequency influences your brainwaves and sees them mimic the 10 Hz frequency of the binaural beat.

Different frequency brainwaves are associated with different behaviors and feelings in the human brain so you can choose binaural beat audio tracks that promise to stimulate certain experiences and moods.

Here is a basic summary of how you can expect to feel at different brainwave frequencies:

Type of Brainwave Frequency Associated Behaviors
Delta Waves 0.1 to 4 Hz Deep, slow wave sleep
Theta Waves 4 to 8 Hz Meditation and hypnosis
Alpha Waves 8 to 14 Hz Relaxed mental state
Beta Waves 14 to 30 Hz Active thinking and concentration
Gamma Waves 30 to 50 Hz Maximum sensitivity, conscious experience, transcendental meditation

Here’s a handy chart …

So you can see, if you’re using binaural beats for sleep, you’d want to choose audio tracks that produce beats of under 4 Hz — or possible between 4 to 8 Hz if you were looking to meditate.

A person using binaural beats for focus and concentration would listen to audio tracks of a binaural beat between 14 to 30 Hz.

Do Binaural Beats REALLY Work?


Whether binaural beats actually works is a cause for debate.

Many people have had great experiences with binaural beats for sleep and other purposes. Others are a bit more skeptical.

There is a consensus in the scientific community that listening to a sound in each ear produces a third sound.

It has been found that brainwaves can alter in response to such stimuli, which can therefore affect the mental and emotional state of the person listening.

Sceptics claim that as humans rarely hear frequencies below 20 Hz, researchers are likely over emphasizing the benefits of binaural beats.

The concept of entrainmenttwo different oscillating beings mutually influencing each other into the same frequency — has been doing the rounds since the 17th Century so the debate will likely rage on for at least a few more years.

Regardless of the hazy science surrounding binaural beats, plenty of people use and experiment with them anyway, It has been reported that some Olympic athletes use them for relaxation and to achieve a focused mental state before and after sports performance, for instance.

Now – The Binaural Power Nap

Sometimes I suspect that if most people snuck out after lunch and stopped working, it would have no visible impact on national productivity, because for so many people nothing gets done after lunch anyway.

Doses of caffeine (ranging from 1 to 3 cups of coffee) for cognitive tasks and even motor performance has been shown to improve logical reasoning, reaction time, and immune function.

My favorite study, though, is a 2008 British experiment in which they compared a nap, a cup of coffee, and more nighttime sleep, to see what would happen to people’s afternoon energy levels and concentration. The nap—yes, the nap!—won.

Data aside, of all the biohacks in the world, if I had to personally choose to keep only one, it would be my binaural beats.

You can find binaural beats tracks online, especially on YouTube.

Binaural Beats for Sleep



When it comes to binaural beats for sleep, it’s important to listen to beats that mimic delta waves. Delta waves are the brainwaves your body experiences in deep, dreamless sleep.

Binaural beats can help to move your brainwaves down into their natural delta frequency, which in turn will promote relaxation and improve your sleep.

Insomniacs and anxiety sufferers find plenty of value in using binaural beat audio before bed as they have a calming effect on the mind, but aren’t associated with the same dangers and risks of sleeping pills.

Users frequently report getting off to sleep faster, spending more time in restorative REM sleep, and just generally sleeping longer and deeper. It’s not called a binaural beats deep sleep for nothing!

It’s recommended that you listen to the track immediately before going to bed in order to benefit from the full effects.

Some people choose to actually listen to the track in bed, while using sleep headphones for maximum comfort and safety, in case they drop off to sleep.

Binaural Beats for Lucid Dreaming



But it’s not just poor sleepers who like to use binaural beats before bed.

Those of us who like to experiment with lucid dreaming find that listening to a binaural audio track immediately before sleep can stimulate incredibly vivid dreams, help us hold onto conscious awareness and help us to remember those dreams upon waking — important tools for the lucid dreamer.

Here’s an example of a YouTube video using binaural beats for lucid dreaming:

Lucid Dreaming Sleep Track (8 Hour Sleep Cycle Track) with Binaural beats and Isochronic Tones


The binaural beats tracks designed for lucid dreaming typically shift your brainwaves into the theta frequency of between 4 and 8 Hz. Associated behaviors at these frequencies include light sleep and clarity of thought.

Lucid dreaming often requires a little more effort than simply listening to a binaural beats track before bedtime. We recommend that you use binaural eats in addition to the other tools people use to stimulate lucidity, including dream journaling and reality checks.

Where can I get Binaural Beats?

If you’ve never tried using binaural beats before, YouTube is a great place to start. There are plenty of videos you can browse to give you a better idea of whether this is something you’d like to explore further.

As a word of warning, however, the quality of binaural beat tracks on YouTube is notoriously poor in comparison for paid for and downloaded audio tracks, which are usually of much higher quality and purity.

Two such stores are The Unexplainable Store and I-Doser

Overview of Delta mind Waves & Sleep



Delta thoughts waves are the lowest and slowest mind waves, carrying a frequency variety of between 1-4Hz. Delta thoughts waves are energetic especially in stages 3 and 4 of sleep.

Sleep stage 3 is known as gradual-wave sleep (SWS), which incorporates delta waves at a great deal much less than 3.5 Hz. At this level you do not produce any reaction to environmental stimuli. Level four is known as REM sleep, in which the sleeper enters Rapid Eye Movement and delta brain waves make up more than 50% of the brain wave interest.

During this time the muscles will feel very relaxed or almost paralyzed and it becomes more and more tougher to wake the sleeper. This sleep diploma is hugely essential in phrases of physical regeneration, but distinctly, at some degree inside the five (average) sleep cycles we’ve each night time the REM level makes up for high-quality 20-25% of sleep time.

So, in case you are waking up earlier than or in the course of the REM sleep, you’re depriving the body of important sleep. You’ll realize if you’ve ever woken up for the duration of the REM sleep, or been unable to get any REM sleep you may experience disorientated, irritable and groggy inside the direction of the day.

How crucial Are Delta Brainwaves


Delta brain waves help us achieve essential, restorative sleep with the useful resource of helping inside the manufacturing of HGH (Human Growth Hormone), a hormone that promotes regeneration and recovery inside the body.

Delta brainwaves additionally help reduce the producing of cortisol, which is the hormone secreted when we are under stress. Cortisol is also considered responsible for ageing.

The consequences of a loss of delta brainwaves is satisfactory understood while searching at sleep deprivation in preference to sleep itself. while we do no longer sleep nicely the body feels dead; lacking strength, achy, not able to pay interest, easily burdened and irritable.

We are unable to perform easy duties as easy as normally would be able to do. That is why it is so important to experience at least three to four of the sleep cycles which are so essential, and why it’s a problem for people who sleep lightly and wake constantly at some point of those tiers.

For example, if we deliver two hundred Hz to the right ear and 203.five Hz to the left ear, the thoughts will respond via producing brain waves which occur in the brain that occurs during level three sleep.



A Final Note


To first try binaural beats for sleep it’s as easy as going to YouTube and finding “binaural beats for sleep. However, remember what will help you get the most from it is to unplug from social media, and relax before trying.

Here’s to enjoying a Boundaryless Rejuvenating sleep!

Get horizontal to be Trim !

Enjoying those Sweet Dreams !

Enjoying those Sweet Dreams !

Hey Folks,

Probably wondering about that title.

Well, it’s referring to getting the well deserved deep relaxing sleep you deserve and need.

Do these tips to enjoy some great shut-eye …

The quality and quantity of your sleep  can affect your ability to lose weight, and stay healthy. There are a great many things that influence your sleep, but have you ever considered your bedroom?

Let me give you an example. If music is on while you are cooking in the kitchen, and you have all the right equipment, and all the right ingredients what happens? Not only do you enjoy cooking more, but the food you make likely tastes better!

Adding hours and depth to your sleep results in weight loss:  a 2009 study conducted in Sao Paulo, Brazil found that while sleeping you burn three times more fat then when lying in bed awake.  In another study, participants on identical diets that slept 5.5 hours lost lean muscle, as opposed to those sleeping 7+ hours who lost fat.

So what is your bedroom doing to keep you awake and fat? Here are my Five Tips for a Skinny Bedroom:

Lose the snooze: using the snooze button in the early morning hours keeps you from the most calorie burning stage of sleep, REM sleep,-which occurs most in the final third of the night.

  • You can also use the trick of setting your alarm to tell you when to go to bed, to stick to your healthy sleep schedule of getting to bed at the same time every night.

Enforce an Electronic Curfew: while I would prefer electronics (phones, laptops, iPads etc) to be out of the bedroom altogether, I know it is simply not realistic. So set an electronic curfew for 1 hour before lights out. This will decrease the electronic exposure you are getting before bed (which has been reported to cause un-refreshing sleep).

  • Try setting an alarm on your mobile device, or better yet see if you can set a timer to turn it off!
  • What would you do in that last hour? Try my POWER DOWN HOUR technique, it works wonders:
  • 20 minutes of those small things that just need to get done
  • 20 minutes of bedtime hygiene
  • 20 minutes of meditation, relaxation, or massage

Light Your path: If you get up in the middle of the night and need to use the restroom, you probably turn on a light, and tell your brain it is morning! This also slows the production of Melatonin (the “vampire” hormone that-is produced in darkness) which is the key that starts the engine for sleep.

  • Strategically place a night light in the bathroom and in the hall on the way. Now you can avoid any excess light or stumbling into a nightstand, and get back to sleep more easily.

Have the right performance equipment: the right mattress and pillow make a huge difference. If you are not comfortable you will not relax enough to fall asleep. If you do not have the proper support you will not awaken feeling refreshed (and thinner).

  • Consider a new mattress when your body tells you it is time, not when the warranty is up. Never sleep on the same surface longer than 7 years.
  • Replace pillows every year, or earlier if your neck is stiff.

Provide soothing sounds for sleep: if it is too quiet your hearing will become more acute and everything will keep you awake. Too much noise will also prevent or disrupt sleep. Consider a noise that will drown out any environmental disturbances, without being too loud to prevent sleep.

  • Think about a sound machine
  • Consider using a fan

Don’t let your bedroom prevent you from getting the sleep you need to help you lose those extra pounds.  Look around and see what you can do create a bedroom that helps you sleep better and look better!

Enjoy Boundryless Living with Boundryless Dreams !!

Find that comfy sleeping spot !

Find that comfy sleeping spot and Sweet Dreams !

For us Guys ..get rid of Embarssing MB…

Live Life with Gusto !!

Live Life with Gusto !!

Hey Folks,

This is addressed to us guys today.

It concerns those guys concerned with MB (Man Boobs).

Here are some easy to do tips that may just help.

Men who suffer the embarrassment of having excessive chest fat and are looking to get rid of their man boobs, must approach the problem from the source.

Specifically, the hormonal imbalance that has cursed them with a reduced production of the male hormone, testosterone, and an abundance of the female hormone, estrogen.

Fortunately, correcting the estrogen-testosterone hormone balance is possible and these tips will help you dramatically with losing man boobs.

Naturally Balance Hormones Through Testosterone-Boosting Exercise

Change how you exercise, staying away from low-intensity exercises.

Instead, focus on compound exercises like squats and bench presses.

These are exercises that use more than one joint in the execution of the exercise.

As a result, they trigger the largest increase in testosterone in your body.

It’s the use of resistance training, commonly called “bodybuilding exercises”, that works best for triggering natural production of testosterone.

Alcohol Intake And The Testosterone-Estrogen Balance

Drinking to excess triggers estrogen production and can also contribute to gaining unnecessary body fat.

Limit alcohol intake to just one drink a day.

Remember that when I say, “one drink a day,” I don’t mean a total number.

You can’t save up your one-drink-per-day and then binge on the weekends.

But moderate alcohol intake spread over the week will avoid the negative impact on your hormones.

Naturally Boost Testosterone By Reducing Stress In Your Life

One of the reasons that testosterone levels are dropping in men generationally is the increased stress of modern lives.

Your body, on average, produces less testosterone than your grandfather’s, and less still than HIS grandfather’s, largely because of the increased stress that we as men are subject to between work pressure and economic responsibilities in taking care of a family.

If you want to increase testosterone and lose man boobs, you need to reduce stress in your life.

Take advantage of your weekends as “down time”; take your vacations and get away from the home; and find social activities and hobbies that enjoy that will help provide balance in your life.

Getting Better Quality Sleep Helps To Lose Man Boobs

Most of us do not get enough sleep.

Make sure to plan your work, workout, and sleep schedule to afford you enough rest every night.

If you like to stay up late watching television, record those late-night shows and work them into your day some other time.

Also, lest we forget, there is also evidence of a lot of estrogen in our water supply.It comes in through our pores I’ve read.

So don’t take long especially hot showers keep em cooler …look cooler too !

While you’re at it, consider this:

Regular sexual activity stimulates the secretion of the hormone oxytocin, which causes a natural release of endorphins that help you get deep, restful sleep.  (Oxytocin levels in the body spike from 3 to 5 times higher during sex, in fact.)

So, to get enough sleep …  AND …  Enjoy making love with that special woman in your life !

Health Sleep can really Make Your Day !!

Relaxed Sleep to enjoy Life !

Relaxed Sleep to enjoy Life !

Hi Folks,
Since returning from vacation, have found getting up early again a bit of a challenge.

If you ever faced this, then this post  may help you !!

Many people find waking up in the morning a drag and they really hate it – including me. It can be tough to actually get up as early as 6 or 7, especially when you have stayed up late the night before. Of course all this boils down to bad sleeping habits that you have trained your body and mind to throughout the years.

It is a fact that if you wake up more rested and relaxed, you are more productive the next day, not only at work but overall in your own daily activities.

So how can you unlearn those bad habits and wake up easily the next day, all rested, relaxed and ready to start the day head-on? Well here are a few tips to get you started.

Of course one of the easiest ways to do it is by going earlier to sleep. We all need our nightly sleep but if we don’t get enough of it, we are becoming cranky the next day and even insufferable. Also getting up can be a nightmare. So the trick is to teach your body to go to sleep earlier. If you go to bed and can’t sleep, there are a few things you can do. For example you can read a really boring book – that should put you to sleep guaranteed! Also you can make some exercises just before going to bed. This will make your body tired and easily accepting the blissful sleep.

It is also important to build up a regular routine. The body likes routines and if it gets used to one, it will follow it like clockwork. Routine usually transforms into a habit, and we are all very habitual people! So even if you are not sleepy, go to bed latest by 10. First you will find it impossible to sleep, however eventually after a couple of nights, the body will actually crave going to sleep so early and you will feel sleepy earlier and earlier on. This is a good sign!

Also don’t forget to set your alarm. This is the surest way to get up the next morning. The trick is however to either place it really far away from your reach or to get one of those funny jumping or rolling away alarm clocks. This will make you to get up from the bed to make it stop. And boy those alarms can be annoying!

While drinking coffee before going to sleep is a big no-no, you can however drink a small alcoholic drink. A glass of red wine will make you a bit drowsy and relaxed, enough to put you in an easier position to fall asleep.

Also, doing some “Quiet Sitting” as I like to call it can work wonders both during the day on break, and Especially before bed for chilling you out !!
Here’s to a good night’s sleep !!

Healthy Sleep makes a Great Day !!

Healthy Sleep makes a Great Day !!

The Most important letter in y…o….u….is U !!!

Vital ZZZ's for a healthy yoU !!!

Vital ZZZ's for a healthy yoU !!!

Hi folks,

Been traveling so got delayed posting.

For today, want to share how important YOU are !!!

Think of it this way, the famous phrase, “Save the Best for Last” truly applies as you look at the last letter in yoU….it’s the letter U

So today dedicate your MAP, your eating, even enjoying some quiet time for just yoU today !

Now another tip that hope help you as much as they did me.

If you’re trying your best to eat right and exercise, it might be worth it to make sure you get the proper amount of sleep each night, according to a new study that suggests lack of sleep can throw off a diet.

According to CNN Health, research from the University of Chicago showed that dieters who slept for 8.5 hours lost 55 percent more body fat than dieters who slept 5.5 hours

“The dieters who slept less reported feeling hungrier throughout the course of the study,” CNN said, even though “they ate the same diet, consumed multivitamins and performed the same type of work or leisure activities.”

The study authors concluded that “Lack of sufficient sleep may compromise the efficacy of typical dietary interventions for weight loss and related metabolic risk reduction,” CNN said. The study was released October 4 in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

So get your vital ZZZZZ’s along with your A, B, and C nutrients too !! 😉

Looking for others to share your thoughts along with ideas on health and how MAP helped you.

Best to you in the 2011 New Year Folks !!